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Friday, September 16, 2011

Meandering Goofyness

I sit in the dark, waiting, relaxing, not sleeping ______ yet! I pet my dog, waiting_____damn, I may as well go to bed. Hello up there, is all quiet in Glen View! That sure as hell is a first! What you gonna do when they come for you! Ah oh! There may be a flicker. Some one just flicked their Bic! Searching for the fuse box. Since my last little stay in the Hospital, I power down as much as possible. I'm trying a new self-preservation mode, instead of self-destruction mode! I have a rather boring mundane job. There is no need to wake up, until I get off work, "you know what I mean Vern"! I get soo bored sometimes, I just want to shout out! If I did that, I would be like some of the others, I work with.

I must stay within myself to survive, one of my favorite words of wisdom, "a man has to know his limitations". Simple words of wisdom, Confucius in simplicity, (i like that word, no not Confucius, simplicity) is there any one out there in the Blog-o-sphere that remembers where in tarnation that quote is from? Power is slowly being restored, in me brain. I'll probably be up and running about the time my meds kick in. Then u-know what will happen, don't ya! Yep, I'll get plum silly! Ah oh, I see neon signs trying to lite up!

The word liting up in neon, is meandering, huh! Am I having a vision, a brain fart, senior moment or what? It seems to take more and more time to get me brain up and going every dag-blasted day! I'll look it up in the dumassonary. Meander, mercy sakes almighty, an aimless wandering; rambling. Me-an-der, that word is plum ass stupid! Why in the world, would a stupid ass word like that fire up in my brain. Sheesh, I can't even use that idiotic word in a sentence. 

Well now, aimless wandering may have some possibilities. Aimless means, having no aim or purpose. Man that always makes me mad, u-know when you look up a word it gives you the word, excuse me, part of that word. You reckon, if I was smart enough to know what the dang word meant, then I wouldn't be looking it up, let alone the stupid dumass dumassonary gives me part of that word back as the meaning to that word. Oh shit! I be a rambling. Why the hell don't the dumassonary, make it simpler and just say the definition to aimless is, having no purpose, but nooo, they complicate it! Sorry I went off on a tirade! I'm getting tired, maybe if I wasn't tired, I wouldn't of wandered off into a tirade, ya reckon. Now, where was I, this is just getting good!

Wandering, an aimless going about. Going about what? Sheesh, now you see why I call it a dumassonary! Let's try what lies behind door number 2, travels, esp, when extended and apparent purposeless. Well I'm sure glad that cleared EVERYTHANG up!!! Door number 3, incoherent or disordered thoughts or utterances, have mercy!!!  

Ranble, to talk or write aimlessly, without connection of ideas, WHOOPS!!! Do I do that! Here I thought I had a purpose. A MAN HAS TO KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS, I SURE AS HELL DON'T!!! goodnight and thanks for the time you spent meandering with me, GOL-LY, i did use that word in sentence, wonders never cease!

1 comment:

  1. "a man has to know his limitations"

    I didn't know where it was from so I googled it and I assume you are talking about the line from Magnum Force ?? :-)

    I really enjoyed your meandering goofyness :-)

    Hope you have a great weekend.