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Sunday, September 25, 2011


The fall like north west wind charms me with the feeling of fall. I like fall, it be the falling of the temperature with the warning of ice, snow falling that send early shivers up me body. Love, the Holidays, but then, oh no, January! Long cold nights that never end. Howling of the north wind makes me crawl deeper into me covers. Sorry, I gets ahead of myself sometimes, this is the thoughts stirring in my mind as I eat me lunch on Friday the 23rd of September. I'm relaxing after my monthly Doctor visits, Damn! Vampires! I'm always in a down mood after seeing my least favorite friend, enemy, pill pusher. Really I'm not sure how to categorize how I feel about Doctors. Oopsey, I'mma getting sidetracked. I be attempting to write a mostly serious story here, but it be hard to hold a steady course whether the wind be calm or a swirling my sails about! The sun makes the wind bearable, sending Teddy Bears warm fuzzies through me body. I'm a big o'l Bear. U-know even big o'l Bears have feelings, & a thought now and again! The sunshine be a-workin its magic on me!

Across the busy highway be, a People's Trail, a beautiful addition to my community that gets much usuage. A extremely healthy looking man in his mid-twenties jogs behind one of them special baby strollers. I get a nice warm glow from within my old heart. It reminds me of one of them old fashion baby buggies with the touch of the active health conscious generation. Hey, I bet the little tater-tot inside loves it! (me own brand of humor, gots to come out) The child's taking it all in, not a care in the world! Ah, the wonderment of that age!!!

A middle aged man goes by walking a beautiful Australian Shepherd, a magnificently beautiful animal. They're smart, extremely alert working animals, so full of life. I imagine just like the child in the stroller, happy, content, free! Living to the pleasure of NOW! I watch every strut of happiness the Australian Shepherd takes. I was so amused and in tune with the dog, I failed to notice the man, in detail. He's missing, his left arm. In that same thought, I think, it doesn't change the beauty of the day to him, nor the love of his companion, nor the exhileration of a good stroll!

The blue sky is full of big cotton candy clouds, evenly spaced drifting slowly and endlessly. My negativity of a dreaded Doctor confrontation is completely gone. From agony to ecstasy in a few short moments, how wonderful life can be if we choose to see it! I take a slow panoramical view from west to east, the speciality trees next to me already losing leaves and turning brown. I look north a quarter mile away at farmland and the outline of a small band of trees that surround both sides of the main river that runs through my hometown. I'm reminded at the, good and bad that the imterstate and suburban sprawl has done to my beloved community. Not too many years ago this land was all cornfields before the soul less hearts of local and national greed changed the farmers tune. You could walk across the bridge and touch corn that grew seven foot tall.

Now you wait in your car for a shot of quick calories. We're proud to have a one stop shop of horrors, a mega store filled with products from around the world, from the sweat of the poor. Tainted, who cares? A-thousand jobs lost, they say 200 created. The store uses fuzzy logic, Corporate/Government working hand in hand, the best money can buy! Hey I'm all for progress! The selling of America AIN'T RIGHT! What do I care I'm old. Sadly, the future's not bright for a once great nation! Once we we're the proud! We have been sold out, for what, a few pieces of silver! It ain't just us BABY! It be the world!

What is my point? As I look beyond the People's Trail, beyond the corn, I see the forest next to the river. In this low lying acreage I am reminded of the past. Only a few sparse monuments/tombstones remain. I see the future from the past. The blind won't see it! This river serves many purposes. Once the life's blood to this rural community!

The founders/elite of this community built mansions on Main Street. They got fat, like fatted calves. It be yellow like corn! They got so fat they bulge outward, to the other side of the river! They own it all except!

Once there was a multitude of poor dwellings on the other side of the river that sprang up after the depression. Built high, many on stilts to keep th river out, a few reminders remain. People looking for work, living off gardens, fishing the river. A shanty town all it's own on the other side of the Rail Road Tracks along the river hidden behind the trees. A forgotten time. I've not forgotten! I drove by these shanty shacks hundreds of times as a child growing up. I was poor, but even I felt sorry for these people! Not a quarter mile as the crow flies there were mansions!

For those who never experienced the past, this can't be, the future is rosy! So very unfortunate there represents the future!  

DAMN! The future is here! We won't admit it because we wear blinders. We're more challenged than the challenged ones, they have an excuse, we don't. Our head has been in the sand since W. W. II.

Drive across the R. R. Tracks. It's here the dreaded Fall is here, the leaves are covering the ground. Soon all the leaves will be off the trees and it will be winter. I hope we can survive the winter as the middle class of the world are losing the battle. I hope I never see those shanty shacks again. BUT I'M NOT SEEING THE LEADERSHIP TO CHANGE IT FOR US. THE POWERS THAT BE HAVE FORSAKEN WE THE PEOPLE! THINK I'M AN OLD MAN FULL OF SHIT!!! "I PITY THE FOOLS, WE ARE THE FOOLS!!!   goodnight, from both sides of me

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  1. All I can say here is that I miss the Fall :-(
    I know there is a lot written here, but for now I am thinking of Fall and I miss Fall and everyone seems to be writing something about was 95 degrees here today!!!