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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Endangered Species

Many things on my mind but when I turn the lights out after taking my meds, sometimes it gets scary. I lean back in my chair and wait... If I could turn back time and be like some people I know. To lose myself in the abyss of NOW. Whow to think of only, now! Not that I wish to be a child forever, however; some people seem to keep that going for them their whole life! Life is one big play box full of toys. Someone today bought a dozen donuts and ate five on the way to work. Excuuuse me, is that something that he is sooo proud of, that he must tell someone that don't care! Yep to him it was!

I had a vision at work today and I'm going to share it. I look around at the ones I work with and shake my old head sometimes. I think damn this people have trouble working here and this is the simplest job and probably the easiest job I've seen for a factory environment. Is this what the average worker of today has progressed to! No wonder everyone is being labeled challenged today, if I an old man can out work and out think them and I have one foot in the casket and more mental problems than all of them put together.

The leaders of these fine specimens of endangered species are much better workers, BUT have absolutely no supervisory or leadership qualities. They become supervisors??? by default. They've  been here a long time, so the smart upper managers say, let's make Atta Boy and Thatta Girl leaders because they show up and have been here a loong time! Yep, shows their intel doesn't it! Well that works fine until one day, this little company that could, became a real factory, with real machinery and a real big, fine, new industrial building in a real industrial park. These fine managers that have been here for a loong time, hire a lot of challenged workers, now don't get yer panties in a tizzy, there's a hand full of good quality workers like Klem, Susie and others. It's them others that are lazy, incompetent, challenged. If they are reminiscent of what has been produced in the last 30 years or so, it explains why we have no jobs left in America. These ones can't think on their feet, they can't think sitting down, they probably have more active brain cells during nap time!

There's more, I got to thinking we ought to trade these challenged ones with our elected officials in Washington. They might get more done. Get rid of all them millionaires, lawyers and college ones, they sure as hell have taken this country down the crapper. Let the Mommies and Daddies of the challenged ones be the advisors to the new representatives, they sure as hell are used to obstacles dealing with WE THE PEOPLE, because we be the people that have to work every day with problems stacked up against us, and have to make up for the lack of LEADERSHIP from all directions. These candy ass, lobby sucking s. o. b's sure as hell don't give a rat's ass about what WE THE REAL PEOPLE deal with every fucking day of our life!!! We SUFFER FROM LACK OF LEADERSHIP AT THE LOWEST LEVEL WHY SHOULD WE EXPECT ANY MORE FROM THE UPPITY CRUST OF SOCIETY.  damn wasn't expecting that to come to the forefront and be a post! 

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