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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Don't Tell Me, What I Think!

I think I'll go where no man has gone before! Oopsey, I do that every time I'm at the keyboard. What do I wish to write? Come on don't be afraid, come out, come out wherever, or whomever you are! I'm channel surfing, instead of using a remote and a T V. I'm REALLY channel surfing u-know, as in CHANNELING. Yep, why not! I'm in complete darkness and surfing my head. (you gotta admit that's funny) I think I'll call myself, The Man of A-Thousand Voices, in ME Head. Kinda has a nice ring to it, but something missing!

I tire of ONE & ALL, that TRY to make me believe, what they believe! Especially, while dressed in a $2000.00 suit, and singing prettier than a Meadowlark. You know the kind, hey I'm rich, smooth, eloquent. I could be President of a Fortune 100 Company, OR, the big Prez, as in a Country.

How about the other Ones, that have so many letters behind their names. What in the hell makes them think we tax paying, diaper changing, dish washing, grass mowing, people, trying to keep our jobs and raise our family, gives a rat's ass about how many ????ing initials, you got behind your name? It don't mean diddly-squat, to ME! You baby, are why the whole blasted world's @#&*ed Up!!!

Yes baby, it's YOU, that fill OUR heads with psycho-babble crappola. YOU and YOURN, sit around some castle like 10 foot fireplace smoking pipes, a-think-un, YOU, knows, soo much more about everythang. YOU, have t-h-e-o-r-i-e-s out the wha-zoo! Well, up Yourn, with a gold plated 10 foot anchor, newly sharpened, for YOUR bloody well, pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to get down to the core. We MIDDLE CLASS ain't gone yet! We have thinkers, dreamers, smart ones that don't have fancy, cards, letterheads with them LETTERS behind OUR names, but WE real baby!!! WE pissed off baby, we're tired, WE'RE REAL TIRED!!!!!!!!!!

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! "WE ARE THE WORLD"! WE are connected now more than ever! In my small town in the Midwest, growing up was 99% white. Flash forward 50 years it ain't so! If, in my small farming/factory community, off the interstate, 50 miles from an International Airport has changed so much, that people from all over the world work, live raise their children attend the same schools, the same hospitals, worship the God, of THEIR choice, in their own house of worship, then why, why is the world so tormented?

Believe me when I say this my friends... NOW more THAN EVER "we are the world".

It ain't, WE THE PEOPLE that are the problem! WE, don't sit around worshiping gold, or play monopoly for REAL, with the world!!! It be, the self-anointed Kings, Queens, that have always been here, they believe themselves to be superior, we're just subjects, pieces to play with on their monopoly board, countries are chess pieces to be moved, bought, sold at their whims! We're simply worker ants to provide for THEM, to build their anthills as high as they demand!

We teeter on the precipice of losing everything, because we listen too much, to BIG MOUTH smooth talking educated annihilators of minds! 

Wow-za, I wasn't expecting that to come out! I don't think I'll be doing anymore of that there channeling surfing thing again, I plum give myself a headache. I think I'll go back to the old meditation, falling asleep, nap, wake up write something funny. This stuff, too mind numbing for me! GOODNIGHT WHEREVER YEE BE!  your friend at glen view

1 comment:

  1. First of all, I BE in Florida !

    I now start my mornings by coming here to read your blog. I love how you can weave both serious and humorous together and come up with something that makes so much sense. You write the way I USED to before the "great depression" took over my life *smiles* . Of course I wasn't quite as brilliant but people used to tell me they looked forward to my blog everyday. That was years ago and all those "friends" have moved on.
    As for what you have written here today. I think you speak for a lot of us when you say we are TIRED of the BS and TIRED of others telling us what to think, how to eat, sleep, raise our kids or take a crap for that matter. WE are not the problem. WE however can be the solution, if we stop listening and start using the minds the good Lord gave us.

    Excellent, excellent blog this morning Glen.

    Thank you !!