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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Allowing It To Be!

How-dy! Always wanted to start off that way! Sounds homey and inviting. My family enjoyed the Grand Old Opry, while I was growing up. Seems only yesterday, hey that would be a fine title for a song, oops! BeAtLeS, did that a-thousand years ago! I'm in complete, self-exiled darkness except for the light of my monitor, that's how I like it, as I practice my typing late at night before I go to nappy town. I'm going to lean back, practice my deep breathing and see where the my mind lies tonight. Oh, my, Goodness!!!

I'm swinging rhythmically in my outdoor swing, gently back & forth enjoying the morning breeze, cleansing me mysteriously. I hear a far away whistle blow, it reminds me of my Grandpa, toiling away 40 years for the Rail Road. Another time, slower, laid back... Funny, I see him doing what I'm doing, relaxing under a lovely tree in the heat of  the day, relaxing, simple yet most powerful ally, whether it be yesterday, today or tomorrow. Recharging the inner batteries to the harmonious flow of "simplicity"! Love stings my heart, beautiful, simple, free, ALLOWING IT TO BE!

 Amazing, a bird chirping, rabbits playing, kittens springing, watching flames jumping in the cold of winter in the fireplace, or in the outdoor fire pit any night of the year. A hot dog nor marshmallow simply can't be reproduced as tasty indoors. The smell of wood, oak crackling, suddenly a loud pop, startling the  magical moment, yet brings a warm smile about. The wind blowing the flames all around, continual changing mesmerizing the moment into unthinking, unknowing, mind numbing nothingness, Damn is this complete relaxation or what???

Mind's so free, my arms are now wings, I flap them and soar effortlessly. I feel my wings, they are mighty, amazing, euphoric, words can't describe, as I fly high. I'm one with the universe, nothing to think about, only the view, the flapping of my magnificent, wings carry my soul to unparelled highs, of not only height but unprecedented exhileration, fulfillment, comtentment...............  goodnight 

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