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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Or There Abouts!

I have no idea where yesterday's post came from, but I sure had fun writing it. That be better than meditation, because I fall asleep when I meditate! Don't you just get plum sick of advertisements and Politicians. The Prez seems to get his picture in the paper every dog-gone day. I suppose every dog has his day! But damn every day with them big ears, sheesh already. He is starting to remind me of Ross Perot. Ross Perot reminded me of one of them Star Trek characters with the big ass ears, I think they were called Ferengi or something like that, uuuhh! Wait a minute them little Ferengi fellers were always conniving to make money. Ross Perot is a billionaire and he is a little feller, maybe he's got some Ferengi blood in him, ya'reckon. Just a thought! What kind of alien might the President be? He's tall and skinny with big eyes. Hey, maybe them tall skinny gray aliens have distant cousins that have a good tan. Yeah that's it, he's a tall skinny dark skin alien. He was sent here to planet earth to be in the paper every day telling the American people that he has a plan to fix everything. He sends out some kind of interplanetary spell. Now I got it, yes-sir-ree they can't fool ol'Glen View and his casts of growing castaways. He has infiltrated the planet by the way of! Holly smokes, wasn't his father from Zimbawe or there abouts, and his mother a Doctor of something, or there abouts and she was working for the government or there abouts. Damn, damn, damn, I forgot all the details because I never thought that it would be important. Whow-doggie I'm seeing a conspiracy theory of  the highest makings as in interplanetary or there abouts. I wonder if Hollyweird would be interested in a true story for once, nah, probably not! There too damn busy making all these wonderful movies like Super Heroes save the world XIV, or My Momma Your Momma XIX, we can't overlook Perry Hotter at age 100, titled The Broom Broke & I Misplaced My Little Stick Thing-a-ma-doodle. Can't wait for that one! Damn I've lost my train of though or there abouts. I maybe onto something, wasn't there some kind of problem about his birth certiticate or there abouts! It probably be kind of hard to list his real identity if he was mixed with a pinch of this and a dash of that on a spaceship with sperm and eggs from everywhere. He be a real interplanetary alien, sheesh legal or not don't make no difference anymore, anyhow! Man, oh man what kind of D. N. A. What does those letters stand for? Probably Do Not Ask! Seems rather appropriate don't it!

What did we learn here today boys and girls of Blogdom. Not one damn thing, but I sure had fun writing it and gave you a little glimpse inside the mind of, I'm not sure, my nighttime medicine has put everyone to sleep but me... That's one scary thought!!!  goodnight out there, wherever yee be....

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