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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I choose to never say "Goodbye"

I heard once, "if we have one true friend in life, be thankful", I am! Friends, most assuredly come in all sizes, shapes, age, color makes no difference. There certainly is many levels of friendship. We can have work friends, school chums, hobby buddies, church friends, the list can go on and on. First grade I made friendship that last for many years. Little tykers latch onto each other for reasons who knows, instinctive probably. It's a good friendship that last thru grade school. You are growing up, different interest, many factors. You make new friends, perhaps one is your true friend. There is so many variations to determine true friendship. You truly click with someone, just feels natural, who cares about all the psycho babble crap, you're friends!     

High school see's many friends, I'm not talking Bro's to hang with, the type you hang out on the corner smoking because they feel there cool, or whatever the terminology is today, I'm an old man from the sixties, YIKES!!! (mentally i feel 19) You graduate you stay in touch with your best friends, make new friends in the workplace. Some of your buddies get married, have children, get divorced, never grow up. I pity their children! Some went to that damn war in Vietnam, some didn't come back, some return but was not the same! Booze, drugs, they might as well died over there! You get married to your true friend for life! You lose friends way too early, 20's, drugs, heart attacks, accidents. You feel grown up as you lose them.

You have a leadership role, making good money as you work your way up. You think about your life's chums and special friends that helped make you, YOU! You never forget your best friend that died at the age of 28, from drugs in an accident. You can't, can you?

Friendship comes at funny times and for different reasons, you don't think why, not at the time. You look back later in life as you see ones you went to school with, you find yourself reading the obituaries first... You say to yourself, "damn it all to hell, I'm OLD"... It's a hard pill to force down, believe me! The top athletes, the smartest, richest have left. You're an old fat man that's experienced life's highs and lows to the max, yet your still plugging along, working your 40 hours a week. The realities of a lifetime mentally & physically, have scarred your soul, your body, your heart. You cry sometimes from the aches, the pains, the why's of life & question, why do I get out of bed in the morning?  Still you carry on!

"The Dying not hard, it's the living"... Wow, simple words I heard once.

I choose not to attend funerals in my old age. I say my, "goodbyes" in a different way. I choose to never say "GOODBYE"! I don't wish too! I DO NOT, wish to see my last glimpse of a love one or a special friend, looking like a made up facsimile!!!

The old fashion way of family viewing, one last time, digging the grave by hand, on their own property, seems, real, correct to me! But hey, I'm old fashion in so many ways, I'm sure as hell, am not going to apologize for that!

I have my family, my wife, and one SPECIAL friend left. I feel rich! I'm close to some at work with similar interest. I find myself rather reclusive anymore, for reasons I will explain on another post. I wish to end this post telling about my SPECIAL FRIEND.

Her name is Aussie Blue, she's 13 and 6 months old. She lies at my foot as I type this story. I've no doubt she knows I'm typing about her, as she just came over and had me scratch her back! Love and friendship come in all sizes, shapes, all possibilities... Ain't it Great!

                                          This is for my friend Sue. (She loves animals like I do!)
Aussie Blue aka Punkster, Punky, Pupster or my favorite just plain Puppy. She is a mixture of Australian Cattle Dog & Australian Shepherd. She has a black patch over her left eye, with black and white over the rest of her 55 lb. frame. I've never been closer to a friend, human or 4 legged.   I CHOOSE TO NEVER SAY GOOD-BYE.. THANKS FOR VISITING MY HUMBLE SIGHT! glen view

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