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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Beautiful BALLOON!

Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon! Sailing high, away to no one's land, free to be, who, I want to be! Up I see, only blue sky. Let's sail the world, all of you, in my beautiful Balloon. Tonight we wish for a warm gentle breeze, through out the night. Slowly, wind holding steady, we're not tossed about, as we see the view, from up above. Low enough to pick up the mood in all the lands! Some, they sleep sound, others they toss about! Why? The full moon shines, brighter than before, for us to see, one, and all!

We do not fear, the military's might, not in my beautiful balloon! They cannot see, the invisible balloon, it's filled with souls, that want their rights! Forgotten spirits of yester-year cry out tonight! The unborn souls of tomorrow, join the fight! The past, the future are in agreement, what'll be the tally as we pass all nations, tired of injustice! How can we, the weak, the poor, fight military's might.

Go up against, the chaotic order, of a world gone mad? Who, will help us against defeating odds? The mass media assist, the implementing of a new world order. Odds, so far against us, we'll never see another sunrise!

Come one, come all, spirited souls, let's fill the inside of my beautiful balloon! Billions of past, future and yet un-bodies souls, band together. Bursting the seams of my beautiful balloon. Unimaginable power thinking as one, has to flow with energy, so magnificent, so powerful, to possess SUPER COMPUTING  much more advanced, than the power of electronic artificial made... IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING LIFE AS ONE!!!!!   THIS POST, IS TO ALL THE DREAMERS, OF WHICH I'M ONE!!!! 
IMAGINE... IMAGINE.... IMAGINE..... IMAGINE...... I-M-A-G-I-N-E!!!  goodnight 

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