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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Lordy, lordy, I'm way over 40 and my how time flies. It's been about one year since my buddy talked me into this endeavor into madness! Yep, if it wasn't for Klem, it would not be! My goal was to let you, the readers decide what type of lunatic I am. I have been all over the board, front and back, that's how I like it. I wish to convey whatever is on my mind. I have all these serious stories I wish to write but it takes time, more time than I have on a day to day basis. To write serious it takes me a couple hours to get my old brain in line, and by that time it's nappy time for an old man, u-know! Or maybe if you're under 50 you don't know. The one thing I enjoy more than anything else is to come home after work, relax, get a bite to eat play with Fido and Fiddle Dee, my dogs (No that's not their real names.) and before bedtime go over to the computer and see where my mind is. Klem calls it automatic writing, you'll have to overlook him, he is my age, but went to college so he has words for everythang. (I know I misspelled that, sometimes I prefer the way my mind hears the word as it rolls off my brain. One day I'll leave all my misspelled words as my mind hears them, That'll make for some interesting laughs.) I assume it is like an automobile, you put an automatic in D and go like hell. (That I like.) If you have a shift, you shift gears as needed, you're actually controlling the shift points. I only got one gear and it stays in D, it has no place else to go, if I put it in N, I would be like the other people I know. Ain'ta no way I'm gonna put in in R, shit I can barely walk forward and keep my balence, no way I'm going to try that R thing-a-ma-gig. I do put it in P, when I sleep and that's where I get the ideas to my serious stories when I get around to writing them.

I was fascinated by a class I took in High School a few years ago. (So I may be telling a little white lie, in reality it does seem as though it has been only a few years, I do have white hair.) Damn what was that elective class all about, we studied dream interpretation and I found that extremely fascinating. I been a-think-un about buying me a do-ja-ma-floppy so than If I wake up during a dream I can say a few words about the dream, then go back to sleep and hopefully be able to recount, rethink, remember my dream in more detail. Hey don't blame me I got my mind in D and can't control it until it runs out of thoughts, sorry!

Damn, I do get sideswiped sometimes, Just chalk that up to old age and call it a senior moment. Any how, Klem said "it's called automatic writing to say what's on your mind". So by now if you have read some of my whatch-a ma-call-it style of writing, I know what to call it.

It's certainly been a wild ride as I struggle with making them damn keys on the keyboard work with my mind. It's like we're married, arguing all the time. Believe it or not I find it relaxing, typing for a while before going to bed, It gets plum silly after taking my nighttime medicine. But you see that's what I find so entertaining, and relaxing. Is that some form of meditation? Sometimes I'll be in complete darkness, just me and Hewie (My computer) and my fingers and my mind seem to be in tune and I just go with the flow, whatever happens, happens. Whow-za, I get real sleepy, press the mousey to publish and go to bed. I read what I wrot-a the next day and sometimes I think damn, what misfit wrote that, other times I think it be kinda cute, other times I think I best keep my mouth shut about bad mouthing them assholes in D.C. (NAH)

I would like to write funny stuff everyday but u-know sometimes life just ain't funny. I do not like it when my mind visits Uncle Darkness, but let's face it, shit happens! I say, I'm not going to write when I'm visiting Uncle Darkness. Everybody has bad days, weeks or whatever, we're only human, whatever the ???k that means!

The most intelligent person that has been the greatest influence in my life and I quote him now, "I am, what I am" and damn, I forgot who the hell that was, I hear my bed calling me goodnight.  

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  1. "My goal was to let you, the readers decide what type of lunatic I am."

    You are a genius, a brilliant "lunatic"!!!

    I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and have been reading through your writings and I feel as if I have stumbled across a hidden treasure. What serendipity when I happened upon this wonderful little place.

    Blessings to you and yours.