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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Goals

I figure I'm at about 10% of my hopefully ultimate goal. It's nice to have a goal, especially as one ages! A goal must be achievable and most importantly fun! There has to be fun or one will not stick with it, that's always been my case.

Example I have lost and gained weight all my life. I would go on a strict diet lose and regain. You see the trouble is I NEVER stuck with it! I started my most recent diet on 3/26/12. ONLY I now do not consider it a diet. HUH? I consider it a rest of my life eating makeover. Simply eating more proper foods! I am finding it easier to sustain. I'm setting my goal at 1 pound a week and am over that now. More vegetables, less processed food and no eating of fast food. I reckon that's why it's called fast food. You eat it in a hurry, they fix it in a hurry and it goes to your belly or butt, in a hurry! (ha ha)

I recently read where the portion size of food has doubled in restaurants since the fifties. I do not doubt it one iota, as all these restaurants work-a-raunts and everything in between fight for the almighty $.

I watched a documentary within the last year called 'Super Size Me.' A very eye opening and belly bulging piece! These fast food joints make it so easy for ones with out of control appetites, with there up size, super size, biggy size, so on and so forth. For .89 cents you can up size your 16 ounce size drink to a 32 ounce size and regular fries become twice the size. Our choice, 'butt' damn our mind's always looking for a good deal and our brain reason's out .89 cents as a good deal and we eat and drink the whole fricking thing. (uh-huh, not funny!

I quack myself up sometimes! I was attempting to have a go about my writing goals, per usual I got sidetracked, you don't mind do you?

My goal is to slowly super size my writing ability. It may never happen but I'm having so much fun and am not gaining any weight from it and maybe, just maybe if I keep on trying, I'll find my own style, OR not! Well in a way I reckon I have found my own style! Just being me, you don't mind do ya? My belief is that there is no better gift to give, than simply being yourself! I am what I write about!

I intentionally did not write an introduction about myself cause I wanted you the reader, my friends to form you own. I did attach a sketch of me made a long time ago in the late seventies. I still wear glasses, have a beard, wear my hair short now. My beard is now silver along with my hair. To any of you that read my silliness I say thanks and for any new dropper bye ones, just read my posts and come up with your own conclusions.

(A interesting thought just occurred to me. What if one of them modern Freudian analytical types was to psycho analyze me from what I have wrote so far! I certainly would think with well over a 400 postings there would be enough to analyze ol' Glen.) Ha, ha, I betcha he would have to go to daily therapy sessions with his own shrink to stay sane! (ha ha) Another funny, I bet Dr, Phil would grow hair back after reading my postings!!! (Bada-boom) [boom-boom drum them cymbal] I'm on a roll baby!

My writing goal is quite simple. (Learn how to write, ha ha!) Against all odds and difficulties of which are, never writing anything, never typing or using a computer until a couple years ago, I wished to type my thoughts, my silliness, my stories, of I have an abundance of, I assure you! Why? I cannot rightly say, except I had the desire for whatever reason!

While working full time, I have started a ritual, most nights of taking my medicine and practicing my typing. As you have noticed I write about whatever crosses my mind. I have fell madly in love with this night time silliness and hope I give you a laugh a smile or something to ponder upon, if just thinking where in the world, or out of this world, did this guy come from!!! If so I take that as a compliment.

So in summary, my goal is to practice on you, hoping you'll come back to visit me as I grow at my favorite hobby. To learn, to grow, to ultimately get to where I can write all the short stories that dwell within my mind I call Glen View. My intended purpose was to get to where I could write my short stories. That takes a lot more time than I have currently. My hope is to some day write them. Maybe after I retire. I intend to work slowly to that goal. By the way I have written a few like The Flame, Lost Road and my all time favorite character is Bill Lee Hill, a simple man like myself that enjoys life. If that ain't the goal of all mankind. IT DON'T GET NO BETTER THAN THAT DOES IT! Yer pal here at Glen View!

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