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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have things on my mind I wish to get off. I'm no different, an average Glen. Sometimes the weight of 'things' build. When does the weight break one down? Its not the first tonnage on the truck that weakens the frame. Its the last poundage. How does one know when to stop to give in, give up before the trailer folds down on the highway of life, to carry nary once more? One must keep a stiff upper lip and carry all loads. A load begins with an empty trailer with a lifetime of weight to pile upon. Never considering the latter years with worn out tires and a rusty frame lacking the power to carry...on!

Yes we all our end, the ending of our lifes. I feel I can sustain my load till its time. Its the watching of the greatest strength in my life, falling apart, rusting away from a lifetime of carrying more than her share. Tires worn to the bare tread, but her structural, skelatal like frame still carrying on. The engine and transmission is slipping, down to the last few miles on the odometer, battery, wiring, the brain of the once great life, headlights dimming. Flickering as power, fades. Band-aids are just that. There is not one gigantic band-aid for age, is there?

NO I'M NOT TALKING ME OR A TRUCK!!! I'm talking the only person that can create, make, build, reproduce, raise, love, carry on against seemingly insurmountable odds. Ah, but their only human! The strongest, greatest human I've ever known. If only I had this one's strength, inner strength to carry on against all odds! I do not!!!!!!!!

I am from her womb, why did I not get her personal inner strength to take what life throws out smiling till the end.

I reckon I'm weak! I feel her load too hard for me to carry! If only I could trade my worn but still carrying frame for her's, I would! I cannot carry her load, my heart, my soul cannot! I'm not strong enough!



I love you all!         V. R. G. From your son Glen.

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  1. This really touched my heart .......

    God bless your Mom, she must be a wonderful lady.