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Sunday, July 15, 2012

sPeeL cHekc...

After writing a post of mine that I had more fun typing than a Zoo full of monkeys here in Daisyville! When I get in one of my many moods or zones or spirits or whatever!!! I actually type like the maniac 'I AM!' My mind be motoring like on that German road where there is no speed limit, the autobahn, bohemian rhapsody or somethun! I'm teaching myself to type and write, I'm sure you have figured that out by know. By the way I say "HOWDY!" That be hillbilly talk for "how you doing" OR "waas up!" Maybe not, but sure seemed funny in my head before I typed it!

The title of this here post is whatever I wrote up above! Haha! I be a smart ass today! I screw up the spelling on so many words it be easier to redo the words not in yellow on my 'spell checky' teacher thing built inside my computer. Man oh man! That there one itty-bitty feature seems like a miracle to us old 'codgers' that remember the old days! You know'sa what I find soo funny? In actuality, taint been that long ago!

(((i see yer asking yourself why did that old fart use that word taint fer? think about it!)))

The adventure in home computers did not hit until the eighties. Wow take off 30 years off my age and I was a man on top of my game then! Shit! I just wish I knew it then!!!

I was working in the Plastic Injection Molding/Finishing Industry, we began molding Tandy Computers for Radio Shack. It was a large one piece unit that looks like a dinosaur now! Take into consideration today's cell phone computers sheesh... out of this world baby!!! Soon after that we began molding for a new company called Apple.

Lordy! I never would a thunk from such humble beginnings, we would see what we now have! The technology is changing so fast! I don't have the proper vocabulary!

I think I'll throw in a little story bout now, if you don't mind?"

Once upon a time in the early sixties of the last century. Damn! I didn't feel so old until I said it that way! There was this paper boy, that be me. One of my stops delivering newspapers was a factory. A twelve yer old boy walking through the office part of of a modern factory of that time. I was in awe of these big monstrous, futuristic looking whatch-a-ma-call-them-then! This was the brain of the ancient computers. Tall, maybe half the size of a refrigerator, something like them old reel to reel recorders was visible through the top glass portion.

GLEN-U-MENTARY TIME!  Sure seems funny, that in certain areas we have warped light years into the future. Yet in other areas we seem to have gone backwards!

Technology at our fingertips, a communication autobahn on steroids! The information highway where communication is done through wires and satellites bounced every where and no where!!!

In my lifetime of 60 years I see communication of meaningful things at an all time low! How so?

All the 'Twittle Dums and Twittle Dees" are a Twittering and a Facebooking themselves into information overload! Who gives a rat's ass about every fricking move, any one makes!!! Does ones think themselves so IMPORTANT that they must text every move they make, to make themselves seem like their life is important!



  1. Oh I SO agree with you about the "twittle dums and twittle dees" and the texting and twitting and facebooking every time they sneeze or use the bathroom or take a deep breath. It's absolutely pitiful !!! Does anyone ever have a real face to face conversation anymore?? And what about good old fashioned silence, alone time, to ponder or to not think at all?? No they are too busy text text texting with each breath they take. It's amazing how people can't be without their stinkin phones for five minutes. They are so afraid they will miss when someone farts! UGH, I best shut up. I am old school just like you PG. I long for the good old days.

    On the other hand, without computers and internet I would never have found Glen View, one of the highlights of my day. Just don't start posting every two minutes to let us know you sneezed !! haha

    Have a great week my friend.

  2. Oh thanks for the early birthday greeting. That was very nice *smiles*