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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Little Damage Here, A Little Damage There!

My computer is back after brain surgery. If I like the results I'm going to make appointments for many of the people I know. Damn, I just noticed my spell checky thing-a-ma-bob is gone. Without my spell checky, how am I going to check my spelling? I know, I recently wrote about spell check, but I needa my checky thing! Well let ol'Glen Bob think upon this for a moment. You know I think I may have figured everything out. I wore the spell checky English teacher in my computer to a frazzle, could not take it, noo more! Also apparently no other one volunteered to replace the burnt out teacher. Mercy sakes I'm on my own...golly...I been wanting to start a dictionary of my own with the words the way I hear them. (Remember I'm minus a heap o hearing due to nerve damage.) ((Well a little damage here a little damage there ainna gonna stop ol' Glen!)) Now that I think upon some things, I gotta, an excuse to explain the way I is! What about them silly ass people here in my hometown of Daisyville, I wonder what be their excuses? You know the hell with watching them stupid reality television shows. Shit... that made up fake stuff ain't nothing. I think I'll rig me up a camera and microphone and go convenience store hopping or better still visit them all night big box retailers at about 2am, BABY I'll show you some knee slapping, split yer gut laughing people that be going on, even here in corn country, smackdab in the heart of my country. You know if here in the heartland in a rural area, I see some o the stuff I see and I don't do any mind altering freak-a zoid seeing extra curricular illegal drugs. What might one see in the bigger, freakier, stranger back alley type places? Uwe I don't wanna think about it! I would like to stroll around convenience stores and late night mega stores and recap what I see letting you ride shotgun with me as I narrate, man oh man, there ain't one iota of doubt we would have some fun!!! I like to look a person in the eye and nod or smile to acknowledge them. I reckon I'm old fashion that away with eye contact. I find it personable. Most people see an old gray haired man like me they open the door and smile, or at least make eye contact. I find that exhilerating! Here recently I have had several young ones treat me this way, a common courtesy that I thought was gone! OR... they see this evil looking old man and think, "damn I need to get out of here!" GOODNIGHT FROM GLEN VIEW, I HOPE MY COMPUTER DON'T CRASH NO MORE!! WELL SOMETHING'S WRONG MY PARAGRAPHS HAVE RUN TOGETHER ON YESTERDAY'S POST FROM A DIFFERENT COMPUTER AND TODAY'S FROM MY NEWLY REBUILT ONE. I'll ponder on it GOSH DARN IT!

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  1. VERY HAPPY to see you have your computer back. This place is just not the same without ProfessorG to liven things up a bit. Hmmm, I never venture out in the wee hours of the morning. That might be very scary considering it is scary enough in daylight what with all the weird creatures walking around this town haha. Would be interesting to get pictures of what you see and what I see and compare notes. Now that I have my new camera with the big zoom, I could probably get away with taking someone's picture and they would never know. Have a great day Glen and welcome back. It is really good to see you here.