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Monday, July 9, 2012

Birds of Prey and The Common Man!

Let's play 'Is there Anything On My Mind?' This might be a short post, nothing seems to be stirring in my mind. That be most unusual! Perhaps the heat wave with over 100 degree temperatures might be the end of Glen View. My last active brain cell is burnt out ( just like the capacitor did on my air conditioning unit Friday) and my inner voices have fled some where's else! Oh well it was fun while it lasted! It was for me, I can't speak for you!

My goal was simple... to be me... I want to write like the conversations I have with others, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, I try to steer clear of the darkness that once almost destroyed me. I give my opinions on everyday matters that touch me. Sometimes good, sometimes negative. After all we are both and cannot separate them no matter how much we wish, we're just regular men and women that simply wish to survive! We're animals that want to raise our children, pass off the baton to the next generation. Oh! Oh! Oh! With the least amount of hassles we can! That there boys and girls is where all hell breaks loose.

I wish to give to y'all out there my sense of humor. It's hard to find sometimes, I must dig deep, below the frost line, that frost my balls, from the silliness, that take us down!

I'm a thinker, off the simple man's type. I never went to college, I dare say most of the people of the world have no college. I like to think of myself as the common man, with a stroke of common sense, as I paint my canvas.

I'm also an observer, I see all, that happens around me in my everyday simple, common man's world. I witness all the good and all the bad and every speck in between. For some reason I feel the need to write about mine, a "common man's" perspective.

I've read and heard the word 'commoner' all my life. My first reaction to that word is British, where I first heard of the 'royalty' and the 'commoner.' I reckon we 'commoners' of the world are the vast majority, always have been. We are the laborers of the world. We build, we make, we create the next generations of 'commoners.' We pay taxes today just as always for the 'royal', the 'polluterticians' as I prefer to call them. There be so many names for types of governments, you need a college education to explain them all!!!

I wish to beak it down common language! There be the types that 'prey' on humanity. Humanity be us baby! WE the common person!

I'll use the dictionary's definition of 'prey.' Plunder, booty, an animal hunted or killed for food by another animal, a person or thing that falls victim to someone or something, the mode of living by preying on other animals, TO MAKE PROFIT FROM A VICTIM BY SWINDLING.     (Oh my goodness the definition is so much better than I thought!)

So they the 'rulers, royalty, politicians, bankers, the crust of society' are the bird's of prey. We are the rodents the rabbits, the expendable armies that have always fought their wars! We the commoners do that WHY?

Do we know no better? That's how it's always been ... seems to me through history!

Most interesting the symbol of the U, S. of A. is the eagle. Eagles look down from up above and swoop down on their prey and go back to their high nests. For they know it's their land, they are the mighty, their the kings and queens of the kingdom. All they have to do is keep the prey, their commoners for food, for taxes, to pay interest on loans. Their so smart they take our taxes and our finest young men to fight unjustified wars!!!    Nothing has changed since the beginning of time has it?

SEEMS LIKE A GOOD PLACE TO END!   Glen  (I reckon there was a little something up there after all!)

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  1. Hey you better go find those inner voices!! They have to be there somewhere. Maybe they are out hiding with my voices, taking a summer vacation perhaps??? But anyhow, you managed to write quite a bit without those voices, so I expect to see you around for a long time PG !!

    Hope you are having some cooler weather by now, or soon.