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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Tad Off Kilter...

I have been extremely tired for about a week and feeling a tad off.

"A tad my asss, why don't you tell your friends the truth!" That be my inner voice.

Okay already, shut up, damn untrainable inner voices... sheesh! I could enjoy life a heap better if my inner voices would leave me be! Ah come on don't tell me you out there in Blogdom don't think to yourself about the same things ol' Glennie does! (I know! I know! You ain't silly enough to talk of your silliness!) I think sometimes it be funny and if ya can't laugh at yourself ... then you ain't got a sense of homor!

Occasionally a tiredness creeps into me. I have never been able to identify the exact cause, although the common denominator sees to be body aches like a cold, hay fever, just slightly off kilter, mentally as well as physically. Kinda like my whole body is a step behind, if that makes any sense! I make myself do my work and activities but I'm discombobulated somehow.

I have been writing as usual but what I have scribbled in felt incomplete, as if I'm not actually saying what I wish to say. It is mighty hard to tell if ol' Glen is just in a brain fog, causin I have always been in one, I reckon. What I write feels incomplete, actually makes me feel more incomplete because, I always write incomplete. You see what I just wrote and if you understand what the !@#k I said "HELLO" welcome to Glen View, your my kind of people!

I suppose one might say it's like being in a funk, you know fogginess. Yeah! I like that! When the night is clear it be so nice. A foggy night makes it much harder to navigate, straining all your senses for clarity. You slow down while driving and hope for the best and look for the white lines painted on the highway. All the time hoping there's no obstacles you cannot see. Man I hate driving under these conditions! Somehow it's entered my brain and if that ain't a hoot!

I have so many stories I wish to write about I think it's creating a big pile up on my brainway. There up there, but baby they ainna coming out the way I want! I feel as though my brain is alive and kicking as well as ever, but in between the take off and the landing. How do I explain it? I know! I know!

It's as though The House of Representatives, The Senate and The President have become involved! Now you understand my dilemma. A bunch of Deadheaded, Deadlocked Dummies can't work together, that be FOR SURE!

I got me a bunch of inner voices saying "listen to me, tell my story, go this way, go that way." I hope I have made myself perfectly clear OR NOT!

I know! I know! I'll start a lottery for my inner voices I lovingly call "missfits." I'll put Joe Pesky in charge. Yeah that be the ticket, who's ever ticket comes up that day I'll let them tell their tales.

Thanks a lot for helping me clarify this funk, fog, whatever! Soon I hope to be back better than ever, with whatever it is I do! I suppose it doesn't matter if your having fun and people from around this here world read my meandering thoughts with stories thrown in every now and then for good measure. Please fly the world of Glen View one post at a time. If nothing else I hope to put a smile on your face. Goodnight wherever ye be! Glen   

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  1. Well believe it or not, I know exactly what you are talking about. Hang in there, it will pass and you will be back writing better than ever. Hey, I like the idea of the lottery. That just might work!! Have a great week PGbrother&friend :-)