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Friday, July 20, 2012

Many Thoughts

Many abnormalities going on in my life presently. I'm unsure where this post is heading. I doubt it will be one of my funnier ones. One never knows though, does one? Keeping our heads above water to see where the folly of life takes us, is about all the commoners can hope for I reckon!!! (DAMN DON'T YA GET TIRED OF IT SOMETIMES???) My one and only, my first computer of my own, died on me Monday of this week! I'm coming to you from another computer, that seems foreign! Like I'm going behind my first's back. The touch is unusual, everything is off. Monitor too large, too bright, too new! I have thought A LOT about why it choose to go down when it did. Defies any logic my brain can reason out. You see, protection was being installed, to keep it safe. That's where I cannot wrap my feeble brain into this equation??? Is not safeuards NORMAL? I'm asking, because I have been in this computer world for only two years! I thought it to be like insurance against craziness on whomever's part! You know like uninsured motorist or a lightning bolt. The installation of the safeguard gave it a heart attack! Yep!!! That's when it went... ca-put... died on ol' Glen! It be the same protection as the previous two years. It plum fried my Compy's brain! My Compy's in the Computer Hospital undergoing a brain transplant. It makes no sense to a common man how such a thing could happen at that moment. Compy had been hitting on all cylinders. I feel like a twelve year old with a new bicycle that chained his bicycle to one of them old fashion bicycle racks. Anticipating total safety while going into the movie theatre to see Pink Panther, upon coming out of the theatre my new bicycle is gone it's gone along with the whole fricking bicycle rack. I sure never saw that coming! Them Virus things you hear about, being careful not to open up anything you don't trust. DAMN!!! I dare say, my opening up of anything is about as simple as one can get in this techno, gizmo, marvel world we live in! I be as simple as the old checkers game in the world of computering! Yes I am! Reminds me of a healthy 'as a horse' athlete receiving an injection of 'protect you' vaccine then dying from the vaccine! I JUST DON'T GET IT!

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