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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tempers Rising! The Weakest Link and Doo-Dad!

Another hot old day in Daisyville, in more ways than one! Tempers and temperature are rising, getting fuun, and I learned me a new trick. Yep I did! When stupidity be running rampant in these hot, dog days of summer, I shake my head and laugh. Yep! That be the answer to everythang!!!

You know it's actually quite funny if you stand back and examine it from a far. You take an old man like me, 60 years old, back problem from a hard life of 'working' a knee that gives me problems, other life's afflictions from working for the man. That be right bad in itself, I must say! Sheesh... I haven't factored in my mental faculties and I plum forgot about my hearing problem. Oh my God! I'll never work again! Hells fire! I won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow!

Oops! This ain't bout me directly, indirectly yes! Total silliness has taken over where I get the mula ($) to purchase my ham and beams. Yummy yummy yummy I got beans in my tummy!

I must say somethun! (I know it's suppose to be spelled something, please remember your reading Glen View!) Gosh darn it, dad burn it, I forgot! What did I forget? If I knew, I would not of forgot right! Please stay with me, as I attempt to stay with myself! That is REALLY hard sometimes. Being who I am, some that I work with would make a preacher cuss, smoke marijuana, drink alcohol! I hope I have painted a picture of my inner gear movements (mental faculties) No... I'm not a fine Swiss watch! I'm an old man who is wearing out and the oil does not get to me brain like it use to! So that you may understand the stupidity, ignorance, insufferable lame brain nit wits, that an old feeble man must work with! Oh my, I might have gone too far, imagine that and I'm trying to be nice!

I actually did forget what I was going to say, but I really gave them what for didn't I?

There is this saying "your only as good as your weakest link." HUH? I know, I wish to explain it for ya, in case ya don't understand.

Let's pretend, ah oh! We may be in trouble, unless you have an imagination like mine. Let's muddle through any way. Imagine this big industrial machine, we'll call it a doo-dad making machine, if that's alright with you? It has a chain coming from the motor that connects to drive train that drives the doo-dad making machine. (By the way a doo-dad is, what ya call somethun you don't know what it's called, therefore doo-dad!)

(((OH!OH!OH!   Insert funny here.... My momma would forget some one's name, so she would say "you know, doo-dad." And yep, I would know the doo-dad she was talking about! No we can't read each others mind! We just plum silly!)))

This chain has 500 links, one of these links is sub par, you know inferior, not up to standard, out of the tolerances set forth when being produced. Well guess what happens, this one link gives out and ka-plooey, the doo-dad making machine goes down. Yep! that be the weakest link!

I work with weak links. Some where's along the evolutionary or intelligence chain, when man was evolving somebody or quite possibly a replacement doo-dad was filling in that day. Homo Sapien, Homo Erectus or some Homo Silli-assus... Anyways, some weak links were produced. I call them Homo Ferker-upperers. Man I bet there was a lot O them Doo-Daddies doing them Doo-Mommies! So if them Homo Ferker-upperers were never contained, or as we Un-scientific Scientist calls them, Weakus Linkus. Evolution has created many DOO-DADS!!!   I THINKUS I'LL LEAVUS RIGHTUS THEREUS.... Doo-night!!! AHAHAHAHA!    (Damn, I can't believe I wrote that silliness! I don't think I'm All-Rightus! Am I still typing???)

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  1. I'm thinking there are a LOT of weak links in the world these days.

    Funny read this morning my friend. Hope you have a good week coming up and that it cools off a bit.