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Saturday, July 14, 2012


I been thinking about starting a newspaper here in Daisyville. The stories I could tell would set it apart, waaay apart. Do it from humor, now more than ever we need humor. Humor never goes out of style!

Not much humor in the every day world of EVERY DAY news, is there? The type of shaking your head humorously, meaning complete disgust is not my kind of humor! You cannot control yourself, you must know what is going on in the world! Why? That also gives you a bad feeling deep in your stomach! Why do I care?

Where does all these news worthy stories come from? Did people actually attend college to write, produce, direct, tell these news stories?

How many different ways can you tell, of death, destruction, embezzlement, wars, politicians, etc.

Do real people, 'we commoners,' tax paying, hard working families, that do not ask, nor take handouts, give one iota about what those Hollywood Stars are doing. I don't think so!!!

We're too busy, being busy, surviving! It be awfully hard to find humor anywhere!

We be working our brains and bodies to early break downs, raising our children, doing what 'commoners' do!

What do 'real people,' 'common people' do!



So much for humor heh! That's why WE need humor! WE must get away from what is killing us! The daily every day fucking SAME-O, SAME-O IS WHAT'S KILLING US!

Instead of television, newspaper, computers, cell phones, take a walk with your children. SEE life for what 'you' SEE it! Not what the mass manipulators of ruination are telling you. Damn our minds should be clear to think for ourselves. Hug, laugh, love family, rather than texting them! I don't care what any one says! Texting I Love You, ain't NEVER going to be as good as receiving the measurable love of a hug and to see the words "I Love You," Spoken!


I want my newspaper to be called "The Daisyville Doozie." Yep, uh huh! You read me right. I want my newspaper to tell y'all stories you ainna gonna see no's where else!!! Hallelujah! I feel the power rising from deep within all of us who are tired! TIRED of them money hungry lobbyist bought "polluterticians"! Amen! Them "polluterticians" (i ainna gonna waste one capital letter of mine on them!) They done polluted the economies of the world BABY!!!

Okay so much for humor heh! We gots to have 'real people,' 'commoners' leading the way!

This has been a Glen-u-mentary, paid for by all the good o'l inmates of GLEN VIEW!

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  1. Good Morning G !! I like your idea of finding more humor. I will do my best to find some and post it on my page, but my humor will never be as humorous as the humor you come up with here . When you write your funny blogs, I find myself laughing out loud and not much makes me do that these days. Well, that grandbaby and her antics can cause a laugh a day too, but you know what I mean.

    Looking forward to reading your newspaper :-)