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Monday, July 2, 2012


Here in Daisyville it's sillinines per usual only... worse. Weather be over 100 degrees here in corn country. Corn is scorched, brains done fried, yep! Just when ya think it cannot get nooo worse, it does! You know there is refried beans and.... I think some.... got refried brains, yep that be my take on things. That be the ONLY way to sum up what is going on here in Daisyville. It ain't flu season, but something be draining liquids fom bodies... and-a them already silly brains, who-wee!

I ainna gonna pick on them youngins, nope, nada, huh-uh! It be them older ones that SUPPOSE to  be smarter, and-a they AINNA!!!!!! Ah-oh! I feel some testifying comin on, yes I do!!!
Whether it be the local Convenience Store or them big businesses of the world. Man oh man! Is them Chem Trails taking hold over the heartland of America, OR WHAT???

Them young-ins brains! Who-wee! I understand where they be a comin from! A-causin, we the earlier generations have built the world of tomorrow in too few a years. TOO QUICKLY! Amen, brothers and sisters! Them young minds took a hold of that line, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!

We have spoiled their minds way, too quickly, instead of developing technology at a reasonable speed! It's grown too fast! They have gone from the titty/diaper mode, to textin, al the information at their fingertips too soon. Information highway my ass! They went from crawling, waddling, to beyond the galaxie at mega warp speed. Uh huh! I know some of you out there are getting what this here ol' man be talking about.

I best explain some I reckon, maybe I'll give a sermon, I'm not sure yet, but I wish to see where this goes, coming from a man that grew up in the fifties and sixties. I know no one that has been born since the onslaught of too much, too soon generation will be reading my meandering madness. Shucks! They be too busy frying their brains and sperm counts from the microwave emissions from the ever increasing battery power of the newest, most improved instant communication worldwide universal information highway!!! Dang, am I wound up tonight brothers and sisters.

I was at a Convenience Store a couple days ago while on my midnite run, where the 1 AM temperature be hotter than a normal high for a May day. ( Inner thought! I for one NO LONGER know what NORMAL  'anything' BE ANYMORE!!! )  This old fat fart, needs a cool, refreshing drink. I have been drinking a lot o water, but I felt the need for some icy coolness with a mite of a kick, you know what I'm a saying here? I lookee at a display as soon as I come in the door, you know what I see? The biggest damn-O-can-O-yee-haw-mountain dew I ever did see!!! I thought it be a display gimmick thing you see! But NO! I pick one of them mega-mountain dew cans up, who-wee! Twenty four ounces of caffeine loaded mountain dew sugary laden caffeine rocky mountain high deliciousness, for them there modern man junkies, we are a making! If-fun, I be a correcto-mundo, that be a mite over 100 mg's of caffeine! All I can say is a BIG "YA-HOO-YIP-PEE-YI-YA!"

Don't laugh, that ainna nothing, compared to them other caffeine loaded lightning bolt drinks of today. Makes my ol' heart beat faster just thinking of them!

A couple years ago I worked with a man about 40 that drank one of them drinks EVERY break. His personality, would change. He were what I have heard others describe, as having the body of a "Slim Jim", you know one of them meaty skinny treats they never sell, or do they... at Convenience Stores, long and skinny. Well one day, I had to see fer me-self, how much caffeine is in one of them zoom-ta-warp-speed drinks! 140 mg's in one 18 ounce serving, so's if Slim-a-Jimmy, drinks 3 a night, how the hell does he ever sleep???

"Okay!~ Okay!~ Okay!... An inner voice of mine wishes to say a few words. Ah oh! Introducing Joe Pesky!

"What kind of lame brain !@#$ing-moron would drink so much caffeine, especially since he is old enough to !@#$ing know better! There was this 14 year old girl that that made the news recently that drank over 500 mg's of caffeine loaded drinks, upon a dare and had a heart attack! What the hell is-a-matter with you parents? Are you nin-ca-poops for parents, drinking soo much caffeine and get your babies hooked on it through the mothers milk or what???"

I ask Joe "Damn Joe aren't you being awfully hard on these parents?"

Joe Pesky replies in a rather pestery manner! "Hard my ass! They're destroying their own kids, by giving them too !@#$ing stuff, that is BAD for them! Starting a few generation back, we began spoiling our kids, by giving them what we never had. We wished to give them everything, that we as parents did not have growing up! Material things, we forgot what the most basic of things that we must do to guide them children properly, such as love, time, a firm yet guiding hand. Out of what we wished for, toys we never had, has evolved into both parents having to work to buy all the recent, fads, gizmo's, electronic hand held mind numbing self-destruction toys outta hell! Quite simply the love, guidance, firmness of directing children into adulthood has given way to cellphone madness and totally dependent upon friends and textin. By the next generation sex will be done through the aid of a cellphone! Jeez! It's most likely there already! They just dial them forbidden numbers! Parents don't know, do they?"

I try to calm Joe Pesky down, he is as fired up like the FOURTH OF JULY FIREWORKS! "Damn Joe I did not wish for you to work yourself up! I did not know you cared so deeply!"

"Well excuuuse me!!!" Joe fire's back! "The previous generations have over-immunized, over allowed the BIG CORPORATIONS to prey upon the almighty $, by taking advantage of us, as meaningful well intending parents. The TV AND ALL THE ELECTRONIC TOYS HAVE BECOME THE TOOLS OF RAISING YOUNGSTERS! All the additives, pesticides, fluoride, the list goes on and on are destroying the minds! It's not about spending money on education, it be about educating ourselves and taking back control of our lives, our children, our future children. Mental illness as well as all other illnesses are the epidemic, possibly pandemic, we have inadvertently created by not being responsible!"

"We as in the past generations have reaped the rewards and are handing off to the least every likely to handle. The least educated poorly unscripted mega-monolith created Conglomerates that have lead us, the previous generations to where we are now, at this point in time. "We The People" of not just The United States Of America have taken the bait, dangled in front of us, for many generations. The rest of the world just as we, are in bad shape."

"Is a new generation evolving to take hold of the most horrific, ghastly reins, WE, as in past generations have led you to. I fear so bad for you the children of today and tomorrow for, WE, have led you with our head under the sand, I fear, from too much of everything, that we could buy! We have done it through what we thought was love, unknowningly,  led, hook, line and sinker!"

"We enter the dawn of a new era, placing squarely upon YOUR SHOULDERS the HOPE for TOMORROW! I hope! Despite all the obstacles we have put you in, that evolution of a new species, through help of forces, WE have not capitalized on, will lighten you load and LIGHT your way!"


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  1. Excellent post today. That Joe Pesky is a wise man for sure. I can't disagree with a thing he says.