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Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm relaxed at this moment, no I mean REALLY relaxed!!! I'm going to take this relaxation/meditation thing to a whole new level. When I'm as relaxed as I am right at this moment I usually stumble to bed and I'm talking lights out BABY! I'm going to close my eyes and take some deep breaths and see where my brain takes me or Not! Either way I'm going to hit publish even if I hafta take a nap. So here goes!

I am actually dizzy, extremely hard to concentrate and see the letters on my keyboard. I feel like I did 20 years ago when I had one or two or three too many beers!!!

Any negative thoughts or moments seem to have been washed away. I currently have NOTHING bad to say about ANY ONE. I have crossed over into another time, place, dimension. Hi I'm Todd Glering, I welcome you to GLEN VIEW! A place where there is no sight and the writer is always out of his fricking mind. Tonight's episode "THE CITY." The writer takes you the visitor into a mind like no other, I assure you as the host for 60 years I can only hope there is no other like the mind of Glen View.
                                                THE CITY
The man is sitting in the backseat of a white 63 Buick, his brother is in the passenger side of the front seat a friend is driving. Their going home in the early morning after working the late shift at the factory. The man looks upon the pitch black night, a light rain lulls him into a daydream at 3 am. His mind's no where as he gazes out, not seeing anything as they drive past the countryside, just as they have thousands of times. No houses nor lights to take away from the lull he finds himself in. He has no inclination to move, his head pressed awkwardly against the glass, feeling the coolness of the mid winter. Lost some where within the vastness of darkness that appears as to go on forever, no thoughts, just total relaxation that one finds after a hard night of physical labor, to just sit, think not upon nothing, for a spell. Forehead
resting momentarily against the rear window with the wish not to move, eyes fixated upon a single drop of rain, through which a whitish glimmering gold light is seen, then countless rain drops merge. Far away a city is growing ever so visible through the rain intensified lens, hazy yet forming in its clarity. A city, grows, like looking through a telescope, growing clearer, brighter, he can't move, time's paused! It cannot be! There is no way he has fallen asleep with his head plastered against the window. Why can't I move? I know I'm on a two lane highway headed home with my brother in the front seat, but why a 63 Buick it's 2012. I'm hallucinating, I'm having an awake dream! The city grows bigger, brighter, a yellowish, bluish, greenish, reddish, whitish light ever changing, a spectrum of all and ever changing shades shine through the gigantic drops of many that began with one. The growing city of magnificent monumental looking buildings grow high into the clouds. Not a whole city but the core, the heart! It seems as it's possibly a mile away. The ever changing colors are the most beautiful he has ever had the privilege to look upon, no dream could compare to what he's now witnessing. It's as though all possible variations of colors have come together surrounding the heart of this magnificently special city. Time's lost, holds no meaning, only the colors of the magically beautiful city, no thoughts flow, so much beauty to take in, the sensations within as full as the colors he is witnessing! Frozen as though forever, or only a fraction of a second, time is meaningless! He has had the 'privilege' to gaze upon! No matter, a dream, a vision, a nighttime/day dream. He knows, nothing else matters! Peace, peace to last a lifetime, this moment captured. He would never see a rain drop, as just a rain drop again! The city shows a golden bluish light from the bottom shining upwards, red turning into yellow from the top downward, then the two lights meet. All shades of the spectrum glow into the center, he gasps as if all air is taken, or given he cannot tell, then his head is released from the glass. The questions of all he ever wish to ask, are no longer relevant. He has seen the city of light. The all encompassing feelings linger as he sits still on the cold winter's night, so snug, so warm, so peaceful. His wish was for time to stop, to capture forever.

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  1. First of all, nice new background. I thought I was lost there for a minute when I first got over here. But then I read this wonderful "dream" and I knew I was right here seeing inside the mind of Professor G. Wow, you sure can write my friend. I could almost see that city myself. :-)