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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

'IDIOTS' are the new NORMAL!!!

I'm tired! Damn! I'm always tired! That's a major advantage to us old people??? I feel your wheels turning thinkin "what did that old fart say?" Yep you read write, "oopsey brain fart!" I meant to say "you read right!"

Since I screwed up, I wish to ask y'all (that be you'ins) my compadres of the world. Did you not understand what I was saying... either way? It be a mite hard, CORRECTO, IT BE REALLY HARD FOR ME TO THINK AND WRITE "RIGHT!"  WHY???

Okay! okay! okay! Now that I have yer undivided attention, UNLESS, your texting, babysitting, watching  tv, listening to your spouse, 'attempting' communication with your children, giving Fido a bath, playing the X-Box for four days, reading the newspaper, (does anyone beside me still do that?) I briefly had a point until I ran off the cliff for a moment!

Oh! Yeah! I member now! Does anyone pay total attention to what they're doing ANYMORE????????????

HOPEFULLY.... I have made you forget what I started to say up there in paragraph number one!

Yer thinkin to yourself once more "Is old Glen trying to communicate somethun OR is he INTENTIONALLY tryin to make us forget, what he never wrote? Ha, ha! I'm having fun messing with y'all.

I just loove to have a little fun and I DO NOT want to think like some of the people I come into contact with on a daily level and THOSE POINTS WILL BE THE PREMISE OF MY new Book!!!

All I can say for sure is... I want the words "IDIOTS" in ME title and I will be one of them!!!! I gonna take you along as my friends as I attempt to go the distance with all THE IDIOTS I come into contact with. I will give my unpolished insight as a half deaf old honery man most likely with Grandpa Truth or somethang like that as my name. Don't ya just tire of the normal idiots that walk among us. Come on now! Do you out there associate with people that are any where near NORMAL?  (?have you ever known any one named Norman that was normal, think about it!)

I'm sure you think to yourself EVERY DAY "I don't think their normal!" Huh, am I right?

Oh! oh! oh! And your right! (Please can someone out there answer WHY? the words write and write keep popping up in this post? Oopsey! One of them write words should of been 'RIGHT!' It should ring as clear as twelve chimes above my sanitarium I call Glen View!

Most assuredly I did have somethun in the first paragraph that I was going to say but I'm too tired to finish it!!!! Sheesh... this here, writin, rite stuff, tires the old brain too much! Ahh, ha, ha, ha, ha! GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS...

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  1. Well it is a good thing I pay total attention when I am driving considering the fact that I would have been killed today, not once, but twice on two separate highways because of IDIOTS who are not paying attention because they are too busy texting to watch the road. Someone was sure watching over me today.

    And when I am here, reading your blog, you ALWAYS have my undivided attention dear one!!!