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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mr. Boo Blog Dumb and Cast!

A big HELLO my friends! Hope you haven't suffered from lack of rest from watching the Olympics! "Not I" said the deaf man with a back that is killing him! (That be me!)

I finished up what I thought was a good post and lost it in the world of the unknown black hole that sucks up some of my insanity. I am a simpleton at computers! I admit it! A new born 'cutie pie' plops out of the snugly warm comfort's of her mother, knows more about computers than I do!

I be a stubborn ol' cuss, yep! That be it, a nut shell, my brothers and sisters of Blogdom. I reckon I could refer to myself as Mr. Boo Blog Dumb.

In a court of Dumbness presided over by Your Honorable Joseph T. Pesky, my Lawyer speaks up for me. It just so happens the honorable Joseph T. Pesky's, newest member of a family of lawyers is representing me on his first case. Joe Pesky Junior.

Judge Joseph Pesky ask his son, my Lawyer looking at him with big proud eyes "Judge Pesky are you ready to proceed in this case to determine if your client has all his mental faculties about him?"

Joe Pesky Junior speaks "Father".

Judge Joseph Pesky addresses the new lawyer in a stern manner! "You will call me Your Honor, son! Please don't make that mistake again!"

Joe Pesky Junior says "I humbly apologize, this is my first client Your Honor-son!"

Judge Joseph Pesky "No, no, no! You mustn't call me by that name... son! Politely refer to me as Your Honor!!

Joe Pesky Junior says "once more please accept my apology, I'm afraid I'm nervous and do not wish to do anything wrong in front of my father, Your H-o-n-o-r! Slowly enunciating honor so as to not make that same mistake again!

Judge Joseph Pesky "son you're testing the patience of this court, are you making lite of me by enunciating honor in such a way as to drag it out and referring to me as father?"

You can see the wheels of thought, as they turn in the young Lawyer's mind. Joe Pesky Junior thinks about what to say next!

Judge Joseph Pesky "are you just going to stand there son, we don't have all day, speak up!"

Joe Pesky Junior in bewilderment slowly says "I intentionally spoke the word honor, slowly to not make the mistake that I made before by calling you unintentionally honor-son"

Judge Joseph Pesky is totally flustered, takes a few deep breathes calming himself. Tries communicating in an orderly manner of respect, that must be shown in his courtroom. Please don't call me father or honor-son in my court, is that clear my son!" He slowly says with emphasis on honor-son.

I Mr. Boo Blog Dumb pull at my lawyer's sleeve.

Joe Pesky Junior asks the Judge, Honorable Joseph Pesky Senior. "Please... your Honor, may I have a moment with my client?"

Judge Joseph Pesky answers by saying "that's the smartest thing you've said!"

I Mr. Boo Blog Dumb tell my lawyer, "Son you did not tell me that our Judge would be your father!"

My Lawyer responds, "Hell I didn't know it! I thought it was The Honorable Judge Roy Bean."

I ask "son what seems to be the problem?" Ah! Bad move!

My Lawyer Joe Pesky Junior says "I can't please him, I made a mistake by calling him Father, but he is my Father, I try avoiding calling him honor-son again! He can call me son and that's okay! He's starting to piss me off!!!"

I stand up and asks Your Honor "may I have a short recess, say five minutes to confer with my Lawyer?"

Judge Joseph Pesky in a huffy voice says "highly irregular in these simpleton proceedings but that seems best!" He hits his gavel against his desk breaking it! He throws up his arms and leaves his courtroom.

I look at my Lawyer and say "pull yourself together man!" I fan him heavily with my notebook trying to restore some order to these proceedings! The five minute recess is over and The Honorable Judge Joseph Pesky returns with a back up gavel. Strikes it and says "please proceed Mr. Pesky and let's decide whether your client is in fact in charge of his mental state!"

My Lawyer stands up and addresses the court. "Your Honor Sir, may I please read one of my clients post?'

Judge Joseph Pesky smiles and answers, please proceed son!

I see a little tightening in my Lawyers jaw but he composes himself and reads one of my post. While Joe Junior reads, I keep my eyes on Joe Senior. Never have I seen so many different faces made!

The most Unhonorable Judge Joseph Pesky yells out "your client my son, is the craziest, !@#$ing idiot I have ever seen in 20 years on the bench, he should be locked up inside of his own mind to forever spend eternity!"

My Lawyer Joe Pesky Junior strikes his fist upon the table saying "you my father are out of order, you cannot talk to my honorable client and your son in that manner!!!"

The Honorably Judge Joseph Pesky bangs his gavel one last time and says "case dismissed!"

The Judge retires and resides inside the far reaches of my mind, as far away from his son as possible. He speaks out occasionally as he see fit. I have accumulated what I call "my miss-fits" I occasionally let them speak on rare occasions. I have plenty and accumulating more every !@#$ing day. I TOY WITH THE IDEA OF PUTTING THEM DOWN ON PAPER...I MEAN LOCKING THEM UP INSIDE THIS NEW FANGLED MODERN MODEM WHATCH-A-MA-CALL-IT SILLY ASS ASYLUM OR SANITARIUM OR WHATEVER THIS PLASTIC BOX IS CALLED ON MY DESK. I SUPPOSE GOING FROM THE OUTER REACHES OF MY MIND TO THE FARTHEST REACHES OF BLOGDOM CAN BE NO WORSE?      """I can not describe the fun I have when sitting down with absolutely nothing in mind to write upon... then letting my mind go where I have never gone afore! I hope you have enjoyed my little escape into uncharted waters and pray you keep on visiting my most humble site! YOU NEVER KNOW, SOME DAY I MAY TACKLE THAT BOOK!"""   'The Life And Zaniest Times Of Boo Blog Dumb' ha, ha, one can still dream can't one? GLEN!!!!
One of my all time favorite songs is titled "I Did It My Way"   WHO WOULD OF EVER THOUGHT THAT!!!!    I truly appreciate those of you that cross my path! To Quote from one of my favorites. "Goodnight, may God Bless," Red Skeleton.

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  1. First of all, I have not watched the Olympics even one time. I used to love watching, but I just don't have the enthusiasm for it anymore. Everything has become so commercialized and .........well, I guess I won't rant here on your page.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this little courtroom scene you have presented today G. I hope you never grow tired of sitting down in front of that plastic box and letting your fingers do the talking.

    Oh, I posted on my perfectmindstorm 2 page. Some pictures from last summer of my grandson. I dont' post those publicly for obvious reasons. And actually I will be doing a lot of my posting on that page so you may want to check it from time to time.

    Have a wonderful week my friend.