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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thanks, Straws, I Hope!

Welcome to my world. Thanks for dropping by! This is home, to an old man, who one day decided to try something, completely 'out of order!' BIG TIME! I'm truly humbled by those of you, that find the time to cruise into my home, I call Glen View. My attempt, at attempting, that something 'out of order,' I just spoke of, or should it be that something 'out of order,' I just wrote of? You see, I have no problem, poking fun at myself, and my newness to this hobby, at such a late stage of life. If one cannot laugh at one's self, "then you ain't, got no sense of humor! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Right! Please BELIEVE me, when I say I have come up with every spelling possible, to every misspelled word! You see, I never had need for a computer, NOR knew how to type. WHAT!!! I know! I know! Sure doesn't seem possible in this world of instantaneous communication, computerized world!!!

Dang it, I'm already rambling, imagine that! My ol' heart is energized, seeing these countries that have endured my silliness, my thoughts, last week. I THANK YOU!!! United States, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. Also without my old pal Timster this would not be! Thanks!


I tire of life... sometimes... although... I'm not tired of living! The ever increasing, every day strains adds straws to the proverbial "camel's back." (More so, the older I get!) Straws, shoosh! Don't weigh nothing, do they? No sir! If you had a semi truck full of staws, wouldn't be much! Let's say a semi is allowed to carry 40 tons. If we load one tight, with no pallets nor boxes, just straws, how much weight do you think it would be?

I hear ya saying out there, "I have no idea!"

"Nor do I!"
During our lifetime them daily straws of strain, adds up! Don't they! Every day them straws take a minute, piece of us! I know them small straws that raise uncontrollable, useless, emotions from within, of which I CANNOT DO, ONE THING, ABOUT, """BUILDS""" and """" BUILDS"""" until one day!!!!!!!

I do tire of life... sometimes! I'm not yet tired of living... although... sometimes the going gets tough!

                                                           "I HOPE"
I hope, the sun shines gently through big ol' cotton clouds TOMORROW!

I hope, I get goose bumps from seeing the moon shine, so beautiful like it did last night, TOMORROW!

I hope, to be able to give you my thoughts, TOMORROW!

I hope, to love family and friends, TOMORROW!

I hope, to smell the exciting, breathtaking scent of women, TOMORROW!

I hope, to think one good thought, about those I dislike, TOMORROW!

I hope, for pleasant dreams, TOMORROW!

I hope, for peace within, TOMORROW!

I hope, to be a better person, TOMORROW!

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