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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Extremely trying and tiring week. I have numerous physical and as you well know by now 'mental ailments!'
I am attempting to re-boot my old tired body, by eating better and so on and so forth.

I have a friend at work that is the same age as me. INCORRECT! He is 3 months older. He's name is Ah Clem. (Correcto mundo! I couldn't make this name up!) Well we can talk and make fun of our lose of 'EVERYTHANG' even though it ain't funny! It's nice to be able to tease each other and cut up about it! We're total opposites in many ways but seem to talk and understand in ways I can't comprehend. He has talent as a writer and fights a valiant cause! I try because, I need something to challenge my mind! I do not wish to sit 6 hours a day in front of the T.V. (I heard that figure recently.) I need to feel ALIVE! I need to not be "another brick in the wall!"

Newspapers, Magazines, News Shows, controlled by the men! Can't stand to look, read or listen to those who are in office! They shape our every day lives to the point of total control. We do not think for ourselves anymore. We must listen to what someone else says! That's the problem we listen too much!

I think I'll give up communicating in the regular way, except for family and a few close friends. I'm not about to start texting to everybody to get them to "HEAR ME!"

I'm the one with the fucking hearing problem! Both ears shot, half way, anyway! I'm old fashion I have always had a hearing problem, I like to look at people when I talk to them! I feel soo ancient!

Damn! I'm getting off my original thought OR did I have a beginning thought??? Now that I think upon it I didn't! Never do usually! I just vent off whatever be on my mind, yip-pee, yi-aaa!

I tire of wasting what breath an old man has! Seems very few hear!

I mean... really, let it go inside to that brain tissue! They may hear what you tell them, but somehow gets translated wrong between the ear canal and the vast emptiness they call their brain!

Sue and I, another friend of mine, have many laughs, groans, grunts, four letter words at this! We question WHY, do we even speak? Most don't acknowledge anything we say! So why bother?

I would like to add something I thought about just recently. I'm old, tired, on my last set of tires and I think they're retreads. What I see as an every day although seemingly minor in context, yet maybe the biggest problem facing the average simple man today! Oh have mercy! I cannot believe I actually said that!

It's so much easier to avoid and not tackle a problem head on! Whether it be mom or dad getting tired of fighting their children about so many different, possibly trivial matters. They just cave in, give up! Seems better than arguing, fighting!

Ahh! That be the point, should be teaching and discussions a learning/loving experience for the FAMILY!

Take a manager, supervisor, whatever: they're called in the modern world   "PLEASE!"   I believe the ability to actually supervise or most likely, the actual understanding of what managing, leadership is, has been thrown out the backdoor of the evolutionary process, along with the baby and the bath water!


Damn I try as hard as I can to stay away from Politicians! I prefer calling them Polluterticians, kinda obvious ain't it?

I can think of no better example than not listening, out of touch with reality, that we the average common person must persevere in. NO POLLUTERTICIANS GIVES A RAT'S ASS ABOUT US BABY!

We're being flushed down the crapper!

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