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Friday, August 31, 2012

Full of Air, Today!

Another day, another day of working for the man! Who the hell is this man that needs so much from all of us who actually work? Yikes! The taxes we workers pay, um, um, um, where does all that money go? I wish somebody, like one of them TRUTHFUL Accountants would keep track of every penny the average person pays, in taxes. You figure up all them taxes that WE pay every fricking day! Not just the taxes that come out of our hard working and continually getting smaller paychecks! SHITE! We don't even get the pleasure of seeing our paychecks on paper no more! Why is it 'they' as in The Federal Reserve, can print money like it grows from trees, and we the COMMON MAN can't even see our paychecks on paper, it be done electronically??? SHITE! The small amount of paper that we little people use, ain't a drop in no bucket! Print, print, print! At least a little jingle of change in your pocket and crisp printed money gives the appearance of REALISM! If I want a sodie pop out of the vending machine, a shot of caffeine to get my hard working ol' ass through the day, that jingle jangle of coins 'seems' REAL!!!  DAMN IT ALL TO HELL, THAT'S WHERE IT BELONGS!!! Sooon1 We'll be sticking a card with a chip in it, to get a fricking sodie pop or a bag of chips! SHITE! Them damn tire inflating machines at every Convenient Store,  Them things today take your credit or debit cards, yep I ain't lying! I just noticed tonight I had me a low tire on my old van. I said to myself as I was shaking my head so hard I almost passed out! "I ainna gonna put my debit card in that fucking machine with what to put air in me tire!" That there already be a fucking rip off! A dollar for air! SHITE! The air I breathe be free! Ah, oh! OR is it!!! If I put four quarters in that infernal machine, I at least feel like I be getting something! SHITE! Sticking a piece of plastic, made from oil, just fricking pisses this old fucker plum off! GASOLINE be $4.00 a gallon with all them damn taxes on top of that, gives me gas in me belly, big time! I need me some tires for my old 15 year old van. SHITE, it be getting tired like me, only I can't afford no new vehicle! SHITE, just thinking about all them sales taxes, license plate taxes, and all that other crap gives me the hee-bee-gee-bees!

Here where I live there has been at last accounting, if you can believe any one that counts accurate in what their counting! Over 4 million gallons of bad gas delivered to stations across the Midwest, uh, huh, that's what they be reporting! Now these poor suckers, have paid out the yahoo, (That be asshole!) once for gasoline to go to work, Now their automobile is screwed up! SHITE DON'T YA GET SOO TIRED OF GETTING !@#$ED!  

I be talking to you real, honest, hardworking, citizen of the world! I'm not talking freeloaders who want the Government to take care of them! You know what I'm saying! I've worked hard all my life and ain't NOBODY give me no free ride!

WE are being raped, pillaged and plundered, while we support the Freeloaders with all there causes, the speciality groups, challenged, all the minorities that have representation. WE BABY! THE NEW MINORITY AIN'T GONNA GET NO ONE TO TAKE CARE OF US BABY!!!!  Sorry, I had nothing to say tonight! AH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!! I'M SURE YOU REAL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD FEEL MY PAIN!!! Glen 

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  1. It makes me sick and makes me tired to even think about how we are being taken for every stinking penny we make through hard work and we can never really get ahead. Not the average middle class working person. The higher ups are ripping us off and the lowlife are taking what they have not worked for and those in the middle are just being as you say ..........raped.

    You are really on a roll my dear friend. Great posts lately. I feel like such a slacker because I have not done much with my page lately. Just a lot going on. I should write some about it on my #2 private blog. Maybe I will if I get the energy to type this weekend!

    Have a peaceful one G.