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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Wow! Yesterday's post sounds like ol' Glen had a burr under his saddle blanket! Yeah he did! Feels WONDERFUL to let steam off the ol' relief valve, once in a while. I don't like going down that path all the time, but it's part of us right?

I'm what's called bi-polar, whatever that means. I'll give a country boys definition, 'opposite' yep, see how easy that is! Ying, yang, positive, negative, north pole, south pole, young, old and so on and so forth! BIG deal! We all have good and bad days, we're only human! Sheesh! Just hand out some more of them new and improved wonder drugs for the mind! Candy for the masses!

I do get upset, strung out, livid, so on and so forth. Hey what's the opposite? A one watt lite bulb, that's stuck in the off position! NO THANK YOU!!!

I have a new fav-O-rite word for today boys and girls! This word be gumption, gump-tion [ gumpshen ] is that a doo-zie of a word or what?!?!

Things here in Daisyville, been heating up fer a while now. No, no, no, I don't mean the temperature in my neck of the woods, although it has be hotter than hell and as dry as a desert this summer!

How hot and how dry has it been? It's been so hot and dry the corn around my area never formed ears, not enough rain. Now the last couple weeks we have had some rain, too late!

Damn, damn, damn, I can't keep my mind on one thing fer nothing! You see as silly as I am there may be a point here somewhere, if I can locate it. Doctor Freudian Fraud might label me with some bi-polar lingo, manic depression. I just say I'm 'nuts!'

Gumption, courage to act: the courage to take what action is needed, common sense: practical initiative or aggressiveness, guts; spunk.... "I LIKE IT!!!"

This is the BIGGEST thing MISSING in my little world, 'gumption!' AIN'T none, around's here! We be missing the most basic roots, of gumption! OUCH!  Now we have a heap of what's called gums flapping! What we need! Is all the words behind gumption used!


Hold you horses! I don't quite feel done for tonight, I have the hankerin to play with another word, me and Ah Clem talked upon last night. That word be Anarchy. Ah oh! That sounds like a dirty word don't it? I watched the first two seasons of a tv show a couple years back, before I hung the tv out to dry fer good! It be called The Sons of Anarchy.

Anarchy, the complete absence of government.

Political disorder and violence; lawlessness.

Disorder on any sphere of activity.

Huuuummmmm... gives me much here to flap my gums about! I, I, I mean to write upon. I'm not sure I can do justice, But I sure wanna try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The absence of government. I do not think we're being governed right now!

Political 'disorder' we have that also!

Violence, we have that a lot also! EVERYWHERE, I think they're called WARS!

Lawlessness, ouch! I have not studied 'The Law.' I think our founding Fathers wrote some articles meant to be handed down as a blue print to be followed somewhere, but I'm just a poor old country boy, what do I know! Them Lawyers know more about lawyering than I do, so's I reckon they know best! HUH!

Disorder on any sphere of activity! I'm afraid that phrase may have tied a knot into this old country dog's tail!

Whew-wee! I certainly see's, no matter where's I go, disorder, everywhere! In EVERY walk of life! I reckon these word have beaten an old country warrior! I's ain't smart enough to play with the big boys! I did enjoy that tv show, The Sons of Anarchy though! I may just buy the third season and learn more about this here 'Anarchy' stuff! Ol' Ah Clem was saying something about a country that fired all its Politicians! I forgot the name of that country! I wonder how things are going there??????  MAN THIS THINKIN SURE WEARS ONE OUT!!!!!

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  1. Sons of Anarchy is one of the very very few shows I watch. I rarely turn the tv on to watch a show, other than the local news. So I am looking forward to the new season a few days.