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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Glen's Thoughts and Headlines!

I did not get home till late and wasn't planning on writing anything, even though I have a heap on my mind! I look at the front page of a Saturday newspaper north of where I live, and flat get pissed off! Excuse me, what I feel like saying is... a lot worse! At this moment I'm writing, several hours later and I'm still mad!!! 'Toddler Overdoses!' Yes... a toddler! """How can that be?""" That's the first question I asked myself! A very young as in just out of diapers, found 21 pills... her mother... was going to sell! Hello! This ????? did not have a prescription for this medicine and left them in a place where a young child could get to them! These pills this ????? had to sell is a commonly abused prescription medication. This ????? told case workers she had sold the pills in the past!  POLICE LATER LEARNED THAT THE CHILD IS """GOING TO BE OKAY!!! GREAT NEWS!!!""" Now I ask myself what kind of punishment would I have for this????  I best leave that be!!!

Since I began with newspaper, stories I may as well continue. Hopefully find some good, so as not to go to bed with that story on my mind!

OH! OH! OH! I cannot kick my newspaper habit! I read many different ones. From a small town to a big city, actually the largest city in my state. From simple editorials/opinions of a 'small town' newspaper that is no longer printed in that small town and a weekly newspaper, to everything in between! I use to take a gander at that Wall Street one, but found it, it, it.... full of b-o-l-o-g-n-a!!! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

SO.. why do I like to read the paper, any way? I honed my reading skills from the local newspaper, I love the cartoons and as I said before the letters to the editor, opinions and such and.... I get a big kick out of seeing the 50 year wedding anniversaries, because sometimes they have photos of when these people were married and photos of today. I find them soo cute, special, and just thinking they been married 50 years, blows me away!!!

I love the stories about animals, just this week a story about a couple who raises Alpacas, very cute!!!

In today's paper an advertisement about a Dachshund Derby with a picture, soo cute! Get this, there are 3 classes for the contestants. 1 is COCKTAIL WIENIES, (three and under) 2 is BALLPARK FRANKS, (four to five years) 3 is HOT DOGS, (six years +) is that CUTE or what?

Oh shit!!! This other newspaper has already 'pissed' me off! Bottom front page the two, the two, the two, da, da, da, da... the ones who will, and won't be President next year! Done took the warm fuzzies I was feeling bout the Dachshund Derby away. I would be an old HOT DOG IN DOGGIE YEARS! Okay them little wiener dogs have gotten be back to normal! Lets move on to page 2.

SOMETIMES page 2 is my fav-o-rite. Why? The paper places a beautiful large picture from residents, today is a picture of a bird, a Kingfish taken along a local river, nice, real NICE!

Gosh darn it! The 'Dynamic Duo' are on three of the first eight pages. (as in B. O. and M. R. gives me the he-bee-gee-bees!) Sorry, I'd prefer looking at Dachshunds or them Alpacas!

Dag nap it! As hard as I try I can't skip over the obituaries! I have this fear of turning the page and seeing a photo of myself there. Like one of them old Twilight Zone shows, you know. Sends shivers up me spine! Enough of that!

Sports, sports, sports! Yep! Yep! Yep!!!

I'm too tired to continue, goodnight, sweet dreams. don't let the bedbugs bite, yuck!! Glen

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  1. It totally amazes me the number of unfit parents out there these days. You hear story after story of things like that happening and it is a good thing I don't run the world because those kind of people would not be around for long. UGH, I don't even want to think about all the poor little ones out there with BRAIN DEAD IDIOTS for parents. And then these little ones grow up and they are brain dead too. This old world is surely falling apart at the speed of sound.

    That was cute about the Dachshund contest. My daughter would love that as she has three Dachshunds.

    I don't usually read the paper here, but once a week we get a free paper thrown in the driveway called Hometown News. They have a column called Rants and Raves where people write in about anything they want to complain about or praise. It is always so funny to read some of the things people have to say.

    Election news...........NO THANKS. I am at the point I am going to write in my dogs name for president. She would make a better one than either of those two jokers.

    Finally, I have that same fear about obituaries because sooner or later I am gonna wake up dead!!!