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Friday, September 21, 2012

Too tired to write!!!

How was your day? Fair, I hope! I have worked over the last two days, instead of my normal eight hours, it's been eleven hours. Ol' Glen don't want no overtime, nope, nada, HELL NO!!! This was suppose to be my short day at seven hours, but NO! What an 'old warrior' of life DON'T want is O. T. 

Why is it that I can get by just fine on 40 hours a week. If I work O.T. that money seems to slip away unnoticed! I reckon buying new socks, or ham for my green beans, or splurging on a sodie pop, or a dried beef jerky treat for my doggie, eats that O.T. up! I'd rather not have the O. T. and post something, rather than being so fricking tired! I can say 'fricking' can't I? Here once again paying a full-time person O.T. when you can get a part-time person and save money! I reckon they think like the government and have a fancy smancy accountant! I a poor old man from the Midwest, don't understand such fiscal responsibility and such! I just use my common sense in such matters!

So what's going on in the world? I don't like posting when I'm madder than a wet hen or as tired as what I now am. A rant every now and then helps vent frustration, but so tired I can't think, I don't like! I like to sit down and be plum silly! I let my fingers do the walking and talking and sleep like a baby afterwards.

See here I am searching for something to lite into and the well is dry. Don't have the energy to talk politics, makes me mad. If I don't lasso somethun pretty soon I'll just hang it up! Apparently I'm like my mother who admits to thinking about "nothing!" You see I absolutely LOVE to come home to my simple home after a night of working fer the man, fix a bite to eat, pet the dog relax and turn on me computer. Oh my gosh the computer and my silliness has be come addicting! I'm an addict! I've always been addicted to caffeine, that's how an old man can survive a normal day, let along an abnormal day. Ah, oh! There may be a bit of life left in me tired old body! I thought my brain and me body was down for the ten count, you know as in boxing.

OH! OH! OH! I read where a man died and the officials found millions of dollars in gold, I believe estimated value at seven million, stashed around his home and garage. Can you imagine that? Him and his mother started buying gold in 1970 and kept the actual gold in the house. Is that strange or what? What's the purpose of having all that money and not using it. The article said he was "reclusive and lived simply." Get this, the government will get their share and the only relative this man had, will get the rest.

Kind of sad to think why someone who had this much money, yet did not have nothing! I can't help thinking the old saying "charity begins at home." The good that could of been, with that money. He could of anonymously done charitable things to help his fellow man. To die alone like the story of a miser, or Mr. Scrooge is beyond my comprehension! We'll never know or understand inside the mind of such people, nor do I think I want to!

The tax man is wringing his hands thinking of all that money! It will not amount to a drop of rain in the big scheme of things and will go to the one he probably feared the most. How many lives could of been touched! To die all alone in a modest house where the neighbors began smelling a terrible smell coming from his house, is soo sad one cannot understand anything about this unusual story! 

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  1. My day was very peaceful and quiet. I had the house all to myself which is a rarity these days. I could get used to this !

    You know, money, when you get extra whether through overtime, or some other way, it always does seem to just slip through your fingers or something happens to take that money away anyhow, something breaks down, or you need something ....... I don't blame you for not wanting that overtime either. Working that many hours can sure wear a person out. Of course these days I don't work outside my home, but when I did and had to work long hours it hardly seemed worth the few extra dollars.

    Anyway, try to get some rest this weekend if you can. I'm glad you found it in you to write something today. The day is not complete without my dose of GlenView.