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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can It Be?

I have this post pretty much done in my head. That's the easy part! When I attempt to make a withdrawl that's when the hard part begins. Have you ever attempted to make a withdrawl from the bank and that little screen informs you oopsey... insufficient funds! Well that is my predicament at this moment. I'm not going to force it, or my mind may take a different path, or it will shut down completely. I have this thought about workers from around my grandparentd time till today. OH! I thought of something that may help me loosen up a bit, beer. No, no, no... I don't drink anything with alcohol! I have found a new way to get buzzzed, diet root beer and tuna salad, yep... I wrote about that on... please hold as I find the date! The date is last Sunday, September, 23, of this year. (Oh shit, can I say that? Shucky dern, what if? Someone reads this post after this year? They'll never be able to find it!!! I'm so confused!!! I know, I know, I'll tell the year 2012, sheesh what a load off my mind!)

If anybody out there be new to this blog, they've probably already departed! NO! NO! NO! I don't mean dead, but that's a possibility! Okay, this is how I prime my brain pump you see! (Doesn't everybody?) Do you actually think an untrained, untrainable mind, such as mine, can just sit down and type anything even mildly coherent? Hell no! It takes being mad or tuna salad and root beer, diet root beer mind ya! I've been searching for a diet root beer that doesn't have that big A. word for the sweetener, I hear that's like embalming fluid! Whooo-weee, nows I know why I get tanked, or should I say, casket-eddd! ( Please tell me I don't have to explain that? Alright-o since my tuna and diet root beer has not taken hold yet! Tanked is slang for drunk... soo's-a casket-eddd... goes with... the big A. and embalming fluid, got it!!!)

So the corn syrup sweetener that's used in regular soft drinks today is lowering I. Q's in lab rats, supposedly, or at least I've read and heard!!! (OH MYYY! I have always liked soft drinks or as we use to call them in hinterland, where I grew up 'pop'.  They use to use real sugar until the sugar wars of the seventies, I believe! So I reckon that makes me ONLY half nuts! Hummmm... ya think...just maybe...if lab rats = less smarts...then... people = less smarts...nah we ain't rats!!!



My mother's father was born in 1900, worked 40 years for the railroad. My mother was born in 1929, she worked until the age of 70. I was born 60 years ago. I grew up in a hard working family raising gardens, there was always chores, children to feed, look after. Reasponsibility, earning your keep, was priority, common sense was... 'normal'! My other grandparents was similar in all respects, but with less schooling, because they was from more rural settings, no electricity, running water and such. I make this point for a reason, which I will expound upon later. I was born after W. W. 2. Anything I wanted, must be worked for, earned by me! I was taught life's most valuable lesson! I thought!

Ah-Klem (nickname) and I, was talking just the other day, a most interesting conversation, I must say of many we have. He is my age and was an engineer, (no not on a railroad, as in mechanical engineer.) We're from the same state but he goes off to college and comes back many years later. We represent opposite ends of the spectrum, I suppose, but converse right nicely! (I have a loose short story idea based on our opposites, yet similarities I call 'Two Old Dogs Go South'. I'm getting off track, "imagine that from me!")

He gave me the book Crime and Punishment which I read, earlier this year, Klem said "he read it for the first time at 12." I be behind him by 48 years. yet we had a good time discussing it. What I be a trying to say, even though there is much difference in our lives and education we can discuss many things! Interesting enough, we both have blogs, he has a mission. My mission is, to not miss a meal! HAHA! (Dog gone it, I can't be completely serious!)

I've worked in factories all my life, was a supervisor for a long time. I have seen the deteriation first hand, and it galls me to no end, or should I say galls me from end to end! (Sorry can't help myself, I got to be me!!!) I have touched upon this topic way too much, but damn it, it slaps me in the face every fricking day where I'm employed! I can only talk of what I am part of, but wish for understanding of why! WHY? Hell I don't rightly know, it just does!

I see it taking two or three, to accomplish what one good person can do, and I must know! WHY? I questioned upper management the other day.

Glen "Someone was complaining about not getting enough hours and that same person has missed two days within the last month and not called in, anyplace else would of fired him! I cannot believe the quality of workers hired here!" Is it that bad, we can't find decent help? If so that's sad!"

Upper mangement "It is sad! We can't find good help!"

Glen "well that's sorry, real sorry!!!!"

Upper management "that is sorry!"

I kept thinking about this and spoke to Ah-Klem about it.

Ah says "it's the economy, all the factory jobs have gone elsewhere, people do not know what work is anymore!"

Here's the way I understand this. Generation after generation has had it good, too good, as time passed too much was given, yet simple work ethics have flew by the wayside. The economy has gone from industrial to the technological world we live in today. Has common sense withered and died. I work with ones born the generation after me and they have produced another generation. You can see by talking and watching them, it has disintegrated. They have farther defined, the generation after them. Based on two I work with, I fully understand. ("Don't get your underwear pinched!" I see and know of good, I'm not saying all by no means!)

I now see why people from other countries, especially the country south of mine, come here. There poor people, trying to survive and raise children. They work harder than the ones here now!

Klem told me this story of a woman that used to work for him from Iran. She missed quite regularly, so he had a talk with her. She described where she comes from, work was secondary to everything else. We here cannot understand such a thing! I cannot, because working is the only way to get anywhere right. She goes on to describe how learning was life's endeavor! Housing, neccessities are furnished, their job was to learn and live!!!  WOW!!!

I NOW SEE THIS SHOULD OF BEEN TWO POSTS. I took too long in the first part and tried to make the second as short as possible. This is my mind trying to wrap itself around things, trying to make sense! I hope you have enjoyed being inside my mind for a few moments and gave you something to think about. SORRY ABOUT THE LENGTH!  Mr. Glen's views.  CAN IT BE WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT WRONG OR BRAINWASHED BY ???????????????????????????????????????????????????  

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  1. If anyone who is new to your post and already departed then they are missing out on the best. Shame on them!

    I think that you can't find good workers anymore because like you said, people have had it too easy and kids especially for the most part have had it too easy. They are not taught to work hard and parents are too quick to give them everything they want, without teaching them a thing about earning it. When I was a child way back in the middle of the last century of the last millennium when we wanted something bad enough, we worked for it. Boys would get paper routes or help out on the farm or mow lawns, anything they could find to do. Girls too. We got babysitting jobs, or helped clean houses and in my neighborhood both boys and girls would spend weeks picking blueberries at the blueberry farm just to earn enough money to go to the county fair. It felt good knowing we had worked to earn that money. These days kids want something, mom or dad just gives it to them. They don't have a clue how to WORK to earn anything. Well I suppose these days if you made your kid work, the government would consider that a violation of child labor laws!!

    Anyway, don't want to ramble too much on YOUR post here Glen.

    As for us being brainwashed, well I think that is true to a certain extent, but there are a lot of us who are waking up to that fact, probably too late though .............