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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Old Truck!

(((THIS POST YOU'RE ABOUT TO READ, I HOPE, IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHY I LIKE TO WRITE.))) I was tired as always it seems any more! Was just going to go to bed and not touch Mr. Hewie (My computer.) But NO! I had to touch them keys and before I knew it one of them 'Spirit Writers' jumped into me fingers and took over as I sat back mesmerized! Yeah right!

I am tired but then this old Chevrolet body I have seems to always be tired anymore. I reckon Chevrolet,  seems to fit me. A regular man's automobile. Well, maybe a Chevrolet Pick Up Truck fits me best, yep. I think so! A old truck, battered, bruised, dented in a hundred places, rusting through in spots. The springs of the seat showing, from my ass sliding in and out for 60 years. The headlights represent me brain, one shines up to the right into the trees and the other is falling out of the frame, also not as bright as they once were, but still... shining, never the less! Me paint is weathered from too many seasons. My back as in bed, sags, the shocks and coils are shot from too many, dang loads being overloaded. The windshield can barely be seen through, as old eyeballs and old glass lose clarity. Gone through so many shoes, sorry tires, could stock a tire store. If I had all the gasoline and oil that has gone through me leaky seals and oil changes at todays value, sheesh could sell it and retire! Transmission still shifts, a mite slow, but sure! Engine cranks over slowly, especially on winter mornings. New spark plugs and a tune ups makes me feel young again, if only for a mile or two. Me rear axle still responds, although a few seconds after the transmission is put in gear. (Hey! still... truckin, that's more than some you know!) Brakes... well... I had brakes fer a spell! Slow down shifting, hitting curbs, and pumping the shit out of my master cylinder sometimes works, now! If not I just shut the engine off and die! Ya see, people from around here know me, they hit the deck or squeal them fancy new cars tires to get away at the sight of me! I must confess this here old Truck sure see's some right pretty, new automobiles, makes me want to spin my tires and rev my engine, thinking of my younger days! When I could... you know! Like a an 18 year old in his prime, ya see!!! Hu-YAH!!! How many more times I'll crank over, I do not know! I only hope when the Big Truck in the Sky, calls me to the wayside, he'll allow me to sit in the tall grass, where ol' Shep is buried, we had many nice times together enjoying the breeze flapping through ears and fenders. I'll watch them fancy new Trucks, and lordy there be a many of them today! Belching diesel, coughing, sitting up high, one of their tires are larger, than all 4 of mine, including me spare. The lives of all things mechanical, human, or like ol' Shep must come to an end. I ask one thing! Some humans would see me, then raise one finger on their hand. A kind.. a... salute, I reckon to an old trooper of life, that has carried the load well! Take the shifter sticking off my transmission, many a hands and fingers have touched that part of me while I strolled down the hi-ways. Any how, take the shifter and stick it through my hood, (What we use to call 'HOOD ORNAMENTS'.) sticking straight up ornamentally... to salute... to all... that pass by... but never see, an old warrior that was proud to wear honorably my Chevrolet medallions, so that you, the new, improved generations, can carry the load I once could!!!  HUU-YAAH!!!

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