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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Thoughts of the DAY!

I have many post I could finish, BUT I like writing and posting instantly, what lies at the surface, ready to jump out! Scary... I know! I truly wish I could give a good sample of the many synapses short circuiting firing off unintelligible jolts of thoughts in nano seconds.

At first, I was tip toeing thru the tulips, ya see!  NO!  I reckon ya don't see! So.. fun time begins! How so? Thanks fer asking? "Those of y'all out there, that be friends.. in Glenology, have mistakenly found Glen View and been returning, know by now, I like to stretch the boundaries of English, that MAY be putting it MILDLY! I am hard hearing fer sure! No problemo fer me, though at this point in my soon to be deceased years! I have always heard words, DIFFERENTLY!!! It's important that ya remember that, fer... it be a.. BIG POINT! I best get to my main point before I ferget it! It's true "if you don't use it you lose it!" I love "let me make this p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y (((( CLEAR )))"

ARE YOU STILL THERE? When I get this old locomotive chugging away, heat builds in the boiler, I loove to turn er loose. If? I get in, what I call "The Glen Zone," I don't... let me emphasis this... "I DO NOT" want to go back and check! No way Jose!!! I actually start writing the words, as my mind, and hearing """think they are!""" (PLEASE REREAD PREVIOUS SENTENCE, YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER... GLEN ZONE!) I have a heap o fun at my expense, but find some of the words, or variations FUN, and actually gives, as accurate, an insight, into my world, that I can give... at this 'time!' See, I'm continually improving in my, typing/brain/communication network functioning sil-ly-lite!

OKAY... all of us KNOW..  how fricking hard...    c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n  of ANY KIND.. can be!!!!!!
(Please high-five the computer screen for me... please humor me, ok! )  (((DO IT!!!)))

As my communication problem IMPROVES! Opposite of the battle fought most recently over me brain from them dastardly, weaselish, GERMS!   'sEt BaCkS'   most ASSUREDLY will occur! (JUST ME MESSING WITH YOUR BRAIN!)

So know I wish to be like the story we all read as a child about 'The Little Train That Could!' Meaning keep on chugging, pulling, trying as hard as you can, OR in my case hope that some day my fingers can match the insanity of my mind!!! Oh my! Dear Aunt Bea! I hope that's what I meant to say!

But seriously folks! (I ainna... gotta... one SERIOUS hair on my chinny chin chin bout KNOW!!!)

There has been some serious moments of DEEP reflections in the last few weeks, AND that's just the times I looked in the mirror and said "OH SHIT!!!!"

I started off to say somethun, I think, OR maybe not! I like to have fun with my writing!


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  1. Well, I keep coming back because GlenView is the highlight of my day and I happen to love how you stretch those boundaries. I love all the "glenisms", silly crazy wonderful words and sayings that you come up with. I hope you NEVER give up on writing here. I think I would be lost if you did.