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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Separation of Generations.

The first cool rainy fall weather brings me my first cold! I'm so lucky! I could tell for several days something was amiss. "Don't dwell on it" I tell myself "it will pass." Pass my ass, it's here to stay, how long is a normal cold, a couple weeks? My Boss has been coughing for a couple weeks, AND NOW I have another reason to add to why I hate my Boss!!! It's bad enough when a Boss don't know how to boss, but a Boss that spreads his germs should be, should be, damn I best not say what I'm thinking!!!

SORRY! I had to get that out of my system! I have made a stab at posting every day, but Old Glen was not Old Glen! Well I'm not sure what actually defines Old Glen? What I wrote just did not appeal in the least to me!

I was at work last night looking at the ones that will take my place, there was 5 young men around the age of 20. I told myself "I see now why I feel out of place in today' modern world!" I'm out of touch and have nothing in common with this generation. I've had my day in the sun, when I was young, like them. Now that I'm so much older, 40 years of music, electronic gizmo's, attitudes, clothing styles, lingo, stands in my way! Yet there's still more I feel in in my old aching bones. No!No! It's not just the aches from the flu or cold, I'M currently cursed with!  It goes deeper in my opinion, or their opinion mind ya! Too much of everything in life separate us. I'm their grandpa! No really, I mean that and in a way I've never looked at before!

They can love their grandpa yet too much separates them. Grandpa cannot understand their ways, take the way some dress for example. No different than our generation we had our style ya-know! I lost touch with the music quite awhile back. It became noise to me! All these young men at break must make love to the modern love Goddess the cell, smart, can do everything phone! We old folks for the most part cannot identify with our phones in that manner! Try convincing them it be frying their fricking brains! We're just old and out of touch, an "old fogey!" Perhaps so!!!

I see fine young men, I have a nephew now serving in the Air Force. I'm as proud of him as his father! He sees the good, glory, fun side of the Air Force, where an OLD FOGEY like me sees the loosing of lives for what? Each new generation MUST dance to their own tunes, I see, I get it, I do understand! When he's 60 years old like me, well, will probably be exactly the same as far as our thoughts.

I also see jealously. I am jealous! Big time! Maybe that clouds my vision and thoughts more than I realize at times! To be young and full of life, not thinking about what tomorrow brings. Don't worry about all the 'shit' in the world! It won't affect me, I'm too young! Well before you know it, you must grow up and with growing up comes responsibility we never thought upon. Have a few kids, marriage, work to provide for them, before you even think about it you're 60, wondering about everything. Responsibilities to family and fellow man has taken a great toll! You CANNOT contemplate at 20 or even 30 years of age that growing up and growing old has so many problems and pains! NO WAY JOSE!!!

Yes! I'm terribly jealous of them 20 year olds as I think upon retirement! Not that I want to retire, my mind's still young, my body screams out in so much pain, I don't know how much longer, "I can suck it up!"

I'm soo fricking tired! I'm not tired of the beauty, the simple things in life! My body's wore out from abuse of a lifetime of believing, I'll be young forever! That illusion now is being called in!

I've paid my dues I reckon! Too much so, as I write this post. I hate NO ONE! I LOVE THEM YOUNG INS WITH ALL MY HEART!

The past few generations have put them in a hell of a fix, I'm not proud of leaving it this way for them. I ask forgiveness but explain in my own simple way! We too were once young with good intentions, ideas, thinking we could change things make it better for the next generations. Ya see that's the problem facing you today! I'm unsure that you have a lifetime to grow to wise up like we did! I believe the time is now or never for you.

I reckon miracles do happen. The powers of The Powers That Be have all of us in their grasps. Unless there are Men among Men, that can act, and act now!!! I'm sorry, I don't see that, and I fear more for you, than me, because my life's on the final chapter, of that I'm sure! It NO LONGER MATTERS ABOUT ME! I FEAR DEEPLY FOR YOU!!


  1. My dear friend. You have expressed something that I think about every single day when I look at my grown children and my grandchildren. That we are leaving them with a world that is so F***ed up and I think they are so very unprepared for life as it will be in this country, in this world. Barring some miracle that is.

    I just had a conversation with my 31 year old daughter today as a matter of fact. We were talking about being the age she is and thinking you have forever, but suddenly you wake up and 20-30 years have gone by and you better have had a plan NOW while you are still young. A plan for what you will do once you reach the age when your body decides you just can't do it one more day.
    Great post today as usual.

    I do hope your cold does not hang on too long. Get some rest if you can dear one.


  2. I'm saddened most by not being able to get through to the ones that need it most, the real concerning lifetime wisdom of a Grandfatherly type meant out of love, nothing more!

    It's so unfortunate, we've all been there, I SUPPOSE, but I get the overwhelming feeling the younger ones know it all!

    I would sit and listen intently to my relatives talk at family gatherings. The stories they told kept my attention, along the way I feel like I did hear and did learn! Thanks C for taking the time to always comment! SWEET DREAMS!

    1. Oh and I will ALWAYS take the time to comment on your blogs. YOU are the one who has encouraged me through so many times I wanted to just stop doing this blogging business and I enjoy your blogs, the humor and the wisdom and the common sense you bring to this crazy world. I appreciate you very much my friend.

  3. I commented again here but for some reason it did not post. What I said is something to the effect that maybe the younger generation listens to us more than we think they do. They don't always admit it, nor take our advice on things, but somewhere down the road when they need it most, they will draw from the memories of those conversations and actually glean some wisdom from our words just when they need it most. At least I hope they do.