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Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm SO... Confused!!!

Just ate some tuna salad and some diet root beer, lord telling what I'll say! YIP-PEE! Work was... well... work! I do suppose that's why it's called work, heah? I truly believe 'workers,' SHOULD.. be paid by how much of this work, they do! Seems only fair to me! First I better address this work, word. I know what work means! Work means work, you know!

WORK (wurk) (werk) (weorc) I see right now where the problem be! The definition for this word I call work, is half a page long with more definitions than I want to read! NOBODY knows what work is!
First definition is physical or mental effort exerted to do or make something; purposeful activity; labor; toil.....   WOW! Key words are physical, exerted, I LOVE this 'purposeful activity'... labor, toil.

I reckon I'm an early learner on this here work, werk, wurk, weorc thing. Why? Well I was told "if you don't do your chores you don't get no supper!" Little Glen loves his supper! "You don't mow that grass you'll get a whoppin!" Glen don't like no whoppins! We had what was called m-o-t-i-v-a-t-i-o-n back then! My mother and father were what is called Motivational Speakers!!! They know how to,  'm-o-t-i-v-a-t-e' children. At church them preachers would talk about "spare the rod and spoil the child." I wanted that preacher to mind his own business, and stay out of little Glenny's!

I don't know about this mental effort! I don't see much of that going on where I werk! Exertion, I must explain that to some I work with, or is it werk with? The only way some understand labor is from their moma saying "I was in labor 18 hours with you!" That be wurk alright, I don't want nothing to do with that kind o weorc!!! Toil, I bet no one knows what toil means! The only way they know toll, is a toll road, I guarantee ya that!!! (I knows toil and toll is spelled different!) 

I was thnkin (With this post most likely you doubt that right?) The young men I work around... you notice, I did not say... work with! They damn well know what erection means, and I damn well know, they don't know, what exertion means! The only way they would know exertion is when they have one of them... you know! But they would not call that... exertion, they would call that.. whoopee, you see!

Oh! Oh! Oh! I just thought of something! (Sometimes miracles do happen!) Maybe children are smarter than I was. In a toll booth you pay to drive, soo maybe the children today, charge a toll... to do some toiling.

TOIL, pronounced toil. I can't believe it, toil is pronounced toil, yet work is werk, wurk, weorc??? Sorry I do get sidetracked... you know! Toil is to work hard and continuously! I know, I bet these kids learn REALLY early today, to charge mom a toll, to get away from her, so they can go toil on them computer games and what they call "gaming." Damn, "I think I now see" said the blind man! I been doing this here werk thing wa-rong all me life! I'm soo confused bout now!

I thought I knowed, what I knew, but now, I think I knows, NOTHING!! I'm a gonna take a stab at that phrase 'purposeful activity."

Purposeful activity!!! Sounds reall nice! Would that be like riding a purpose, you know one of them flipper like dolphin critters, OOH! SORRY, THAT BE PORPOISE, I THINK! I'M NOT TO SURE OF NUTHIN BOUT NOW!

Purposeful activity... well, activity would be to do something. Oh like texting while at work! I do see that a lot! That's serving a purpose! Jimmy James hasta know what his girl be doing whilst he be a workin and making all that money. Yell, a play by play, like these stupid ass announcers, while we be watching sports! They have to tell us what we just saw! We ain't smart enough to know when our team scores a touchdown or kicks a field goal. They hire some old slap happy ex football player that has suffered more concussions than Evil Knievel!

That sure seems to be a purposeful activity! Have to have something for ex-pro athletes to do, can't all be working as janitors for the fast food industry, can they?

This here 'purposeful activity' sure has me stumped. I'll watch my bosses tomorrow, maybe I'll learn bout this "purposeful activity!"  THIS HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FROM WHERE ELSE Glen View. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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  1. Well my friend. I am now confused too haha :-)

    What some consider work, others consider play. I think if you love the work you are doing, whether physical or mental, then you never look at it as "work" but rather as something fulfilling.

    A hard day's work can make a person feel very good inside , accomplished, even if their body is exhausted from working. Uh, I will shut up now. I have work to do *smiles*