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Monday, October 8, 2012

I have been run over by Peterbuilt Trucks! Yepp!!!

I'm in a nadty mood! I normally don't wite when I feel like I have been run over by a convoy of 40 ton Peterbuilts! Hey I can't sleep, have a headache, sore throat and my ears hurt. Yes... I hace a cold!!! La dee da da! Who gives a wat's ass... I know! I DO!!! I have a fever, but don't want to know how high, I'm afraid I'll feel worse! I come home from work Friday night early, because I felt like SHIT, and dizzy! Well... I feel 10 x worse now! NO I don't want you to feel bad fo old Glen. We all get them don't we? I usually get my worst one every October, low and behold!!! It could not wait! My poor wittle eyes are watering and everything looks blurry on my old monitor and I even increawsed the size. U-know I think I'll just go with the flow and leave the misspelled words, I cannot see them anyhow! Yep! If that's ok with  you?

Why is it when you need, the wrest the moost, you cannot wrest? U-know what I'm saying! Like putting you in the hospital for wrest. WREST... my ass, they be sticking you, prodding you all day and night, and have the gall to ask, "Sorry... did I... dis-turrrb... you?"

This is what I would like to say to them. "I wish I felt better I would stick that I. V. pole where the sun don't shine!" Then I would say to them, well I'm not rightly sure, but it would go something like this with a heap O bad language that I assure ya!  "!@#$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+, get out O here!!!"

To make me EVEN... madder, bout how I feel. My damn supervisor or should I say "super-germ-spreader" has been coughing.. [ah-huh..] [ah huh...] (ARSEHOLE!!!) for a couple weeks. Well... now... I would like to tell him approximately the same as the nurse at the hospital! (I'm not going to retype that use your imagination!) 

I ainna gona look at the newspaper, because I just know, I'll get even madder... than MADEA!!! WHY?  If I see B. O. (Did you see his hair is getting white, another four years he'll look as bad as Clinton! (Which one? You make the call!) I warn ya, don't fall for the other candidate M. R. (With the initials Mr. I don't think he knows who he is!) Oh by the way, USUALLY the candidate that raises the most money wins! (I wonder why that is???) I read where B. O. was close to one billion... IS THAT POSSIBLE???

CAN I GIVE MY THOUGHTS? I think we should send Mr. Obama on a good will tour of the world for the next 4 years. (Does that mean O is gonna win well... yes!) But! We let Mr. O. sweet talk all them Richy Rich people all over the world and let The House and The Senate continue doing nothing, like they been doing! Here's the way I see it, mind ya now I'm just a country boy in the Heartland! He can impress everyone for four years. His hair be soo white and will have grown a long white beard down to his navel, He'll have worked so hard he'll need a cane no, no one of them staff's I think there called. He'll look so good and wise! You know ancient history talks about men that look like that. I bet he could come back here with enough money to pay off our national debt!!! You think I'm pulling yer leg don't ya. Well, THAT BE AS GOOD A PLAN AS ANY I'VE HEARD!!!

Maybe I best explain this a little MORE! IF B. O. raised $1,000,000,000 smackerooni's for his re-election and has been running the most powerful country in the world!! Think what he could accomplish if he really set his mind to it? Sheesh!!! FULL time on the road for 4 years. There be rich people all over this world. THINK BIG!!! No more measely few thousand a plate dinners! Think big, Big, BIG!!!

I KNOWS I'M SICK AND OUT OF MY MIND! LET'S HERE YOUR PLAN!! [Cough] [wheeze] [nose blowing] Damn germ spreaders of the words! (Ought to chain them to chairs, force their eyes open and listen to politicians talk day and night!!!)  Oh my! I'm soo mean!!! Goodnight from Glen View!


  1. HAHAHA, even when you are mean and nasty, you find a way to be funny. And yes, I know you meant every word, but you say it in such a humorous way, I can't help but laugh.

    I promise not to feel sorry for you for being sick if you promise to get well soon. Drink some orange juice with a lemon squeezed into it. Someone told me to do that once and I didn't believe them when they said it would make me feel better, but it actually did. Could have been all in my mind though.

    As for what MY plan would be for the next four years.......... I can't say cuz it would get me thrown in jail I am sure !

    REST !! (and don't be doing weird things with the IV pole !!!)

  2. Praying for you to get well soon, to feel better, back to normal.