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Sunday, October 7, 2012

My dictionary, and other stuff, what did you expect?

I planned on working on a short story, my favorite type of writing. I love developing an idea into reality! It takes much longer and much more time, but that's why I find them rewarding.

Quick recap for those that may have come across my nightly meanderings, I'm also in love with that, style of mind emptying catharsis writing. After purging my mind from daily frustrations, I sleep like a baby, yes I do!!! Okay a late attempt at writing started Glen View. I'll make this short, never typed, used a computer, never wanted or needed one! I know, hard to believe! Fed up with getting older as in approaching that big 60. I needed more than coming home after work, watching the wee t.v. I was BORED, out of my fricking skull.

One day a dream left such an impression on me I knew I had to tell it, or die trying. The story ended up as five chapters all posted here on Glen View. The story titled 'THE FLAME', a real place here in the Midwest that apparently left such an impression on me it would change my life many years later.

PLACE ADVERTISEMENT HERE! HA, HA, HA! This story is what, started it all!

If you care to read this story, Chapter one and two can be found in my archives on December, 2011.
Chapter three January, 2012.
Chapter four, February, 2012.
Chapter five, May, 2012. Note I could not finish this story although I have the ending! Seems this story has been too much a part to of me to a finalize!!!
So how does an old man that's never learned to type, worst subject in school was English, knows nothing about computers, attempt such foolishness? Beats me! I'm still wandering about this writing stuff, and a wondering, what was in this old boy's mind!!!

First and foremost I must think my good friend Timster.   'How Dare I'   (His blog.) "Thanks from one old man to another!" HAHAHA! He set up this blog for me and give it that catchy title! I never would have... that I'm sure of!    (How dare him... to do such a thing.. to you out there!)  I still know only enough to ramble through a post and hit publish, that's enough for me. I thank my spouse for helping me, correcting a lot of my silly ass mistakes. I think all of you that read Glen View that put up a link for me. I think A, as in   'Avops'   and C, as in   'PerfectMindStorm.'   I also thank all that read my 'WHATEVER', throughout this world, I don't know your names but I say THANKS!!!!!!!!!

I had, and still do, one goal. Simply to be me! Who wants to imitate others? I'm untrained, unmanageable, a simple man from the humblest of beginnings. I do have one drawback, I like to think, watch, understand for myself! I don't think that's a crime, at least not yet!

As typical for me, I had a thought, I wished to expound upon but felt the need to review and DAMN! I plum forgot it! I'm going to concentrate, or is it meditate, for a moment to find that thought please hold........................................................................... Gosh darn it! I cannot recapture my original thought so I'll ramble a spell hoping it will return to daddy! (Come to daddy little thought!)

What I also love to do is play with words, and I remember running across one the other night as I was looking up another word. Why this word hit me so hard as in smack dab right up side me old head, see I use a real live hold in your hand dictionary! WHY?  "CAUSE I RUN ACROSS MANY AMAZING WORDS THAT WAY, AND IT FEELS SOO ME! This word be, TONSURE! I see a small picture of a man in my hand HELD Uncle Webster's New World Dictionary that makes me smile!" The word below it was tonsure, it looked so funny with this man having the top of his head shaven with normal hair around the edges. I have seen this before in movies and know it has something to do with religion. The meaning of ton-sure, a clipping off or shaving off of part or all of the hair of the head, done esp. formerly as a signal of entrance into the clerical or monastic state.

I usually make humor from these words I run across. I'm not  'sure'  I can from this word! WHY? "Because I received a nice smile from seeing this picture the first time, I'm not 'sure' I can!" I must think a 'ton' about it. NOPE! NOTHING! NADA! SORRY! 

Fortunately for y'all out there I never remembered that point I was gonna write about! Well another fine mess I made of things! Goodnight my friends of this rock called Alcatraz, "oopsey" I meant to say EARTH!
By the way I hear they be a heap O ghost, spirits and things that walk, talk, spook in the night on Alcatraz Island off San Francisco Bay! Ya know, I certainly don't doubt it! Because in my every day small piece of rock,  I see them! Yes I do!!! Glen

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  1. I love when you find words and have fun with them Glen. And even though I get a laugh over what you come up with, I always learn something new, new words, increase my vocabulary because of your GlenView Dictionary. See this is what I love about your blog, you mix humor with wisdom with common sense with teaching. You are my "Professor" and if I could rate you on that website called "rate my professor" I would give you an A+ !

    I loved your short story and I hope whoever drops by here will take the time to read it.