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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I truly, NEVER know, what I'll write after coming home from work. I just let it happen. I may read my post a couple days later, sometimes I cringe, laugh or ask myself "what was I thinkin?" Well whomever come up with that Automatic writing from spirits, is full of  b-o-l-o-g-n-a! Psychology says it's something called "the ideomotor effect." I now see, says the blind man! I personally wish to change that word to my own version! Glen says "DIOT!" Yes idiot, says to me what b-o-l-o-g-n-a does! I could get more descriptive, BUTT, I think you see where I be a coming from!

Recently I was made aware of a writer who claimed to have written a Mark Twain novel, from the other side, as in after Mark Twain DIED! Oh yeah!!! Even old Glen's imagination cannot wrap itself around this, nor could my mind of come up with this! Dig this, (Oh my, a word from the sixties, I wasn't born yet! Ahhahaha) this story involves a ouija board, a medium as in mystic, this writer, her husband and ol' Mark Twain from the other side. Yeah right! Bologna, bologna, ba-low-knee!!!

OH! OH! OH! NEWSFLASH****** I like bologna! Especially fried bologna, with cheese melted on top, um, um um! Place that on toast with yer fav toppings1 Oh my! Am I ramblin again?

Now back to your irregular, unsheduled, unprogrammed, lunatic, hello... that be ME!

Please hold, whilst, I recap, so's I can recall, what the hell I was talking about! ................ I never know, yep, that's true, I did work. What do I mean? I try not to read my post, I always cringe! Causin I never get my point, when I reread, therefore, I don't, hoping someone comments, so's I know what I said! I always understand better what I said after C. or T. EXPLAINS IT! A. writing, spirits (I don't drink nuthin except diet root beer.) Psychology, blind man, idiot, bologana, oh, I must be hungry!!! NOW I SEE!!!

This here woman writer, through a ouija board, a psychic and her husband, write this here story, letter by letter through the board game. A board game, certainly could not be too boring... if that damn board was telling a story by Mark Twain. Whow-wee, M. T. sure could tell some stories! Well... to make a long story short!

Damn! How could this be short if M. T. and this psychic told this story one letter at a time? Was this psychic challenged, was there a bad connection from the board into the spirit realm? I do suppose they did not have satellite connections back then huh!

Why didn't M. T. leave out the middle man, medium and the we-gee game, and go straight through the writer? In the old days you never could get good channeling...... because of the ghosts! Hey Mark! Wherever ye be, have a go thru ME!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oH! oH! oH! THE BOOK BE JAP HERRON!

me spell cheky thing-a-ma-bob ainna working, i gonna go without it.


  1. I think it is all ridiculous. Just another goofball deceived by their own insanity haha. We both know that all the writing comes from the people inside our head, not from dead authors !

  2. I hope you know I was not calling YOU a goofball, rather the person who made the claim of writing as Mark Twain from the other side.