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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Typin... Whilst... Sleepin...

Been a few days since I posted anything, ceptin fer, them quotes. I don't rightly know, why I did that! I began and could not stop myself. In particular, I like the one from Mark Twain about the cat! Don't make em like that no more!

I reckon I figure, y'all out there may get tired of hearing about my limited life and times of ol' Glen! I could make up a bunch of lies, I suppose! Somehow I have always believed that truth be funnier than made up stuff! I have a heap of mind numbing, blow you away kinda craziness that goes on in my daily life here in Daisyville, as I lovingly refer to it. (Or is it reefer, gosh darn it my old mind plays tricks on me sometimes!)

I be a feared of belittling some, ya see! In the process, I might belittle myself, ya see! If ya understand what I be trying to say, whilst I beat at, or around the bush a tryin to say it. I make fun of ones the same way I'm sure others make fun of me! If I can give someone a laugh so be it! Rather a laugh than the opposite hey? I don't mind making a fool of myself, ya see! Poking fun of oneself, just seems natural, to me anyhow! If I cross an imaginary line, am I going against an unwritten rule? That be the quandary I find myself in! 

Politicians be fair game. Take Will Rogers for example. His jokes about politicians still fit. I tire of the same old making fun of politicians, although I do, when they get under my skin. Oh shit! I don't wanna get started, hold me back, rein in that horsey, afore he gets lathered up! OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! I hafta say this one thing! I read a Letter to the Editor today, you know, regular people sounding off giving their opinions! This person appeared educated. He spouts off stuff about them Dumicrats! How can such a learned individual not see them Repukiticians ainna no better, I reckon he be a Repukititician fer life! Let me give my opinion and I'll move on, THEY BE THE SAME! THERE BE A PLENTY, A PEOPLE, BEHIND THE CURTAIN, PULLING THEM THERE STRINGS BABY!!! UNTIL WE SEE THIS, WE AINNA GOTTA, A SNOW BALLS CHANCE IN HELL!!! Sorry!

I cannot help but think, this pollutertician stuff be brainwashing all of us in ways we cannot fathom! How so? Damn! I be in deep, doo doo here! I'm answering myself, So what else is new huh?

Even at the smallest daily level the bossiest, the loudest, the biggest, the one's with the brassiest balls! (Hope I don't have to explain that balls thing, think upon it fer a second!)

Okay! Okay! Okay! Joe Pesky one of my favorite inner voices, I call my misfits, wishes to speak. Now any time Joe Pesky speaks. Let me just say, he's really opinionated! Unlike me, you see! Are you ready?

Joe says "Sometimes taking what one is given, like bosses that are handed a position because they have been around... like forever... is the path of least resistance. Come on, come on, ask me why? Come on some lame brain idiot, ask me why? I'm chomping at the bit here, ask me! Ask Me! ASK ME!

Glen, "okay Joe, I reckon I'll do! Why?"

Joe "It's all about control. The Puppet Masters have to move the strings, controlling all aspects of  everything! They want people who will tow the line, dancing at their commands! They do not, want ones that can think on their own! They want ones who can be CONTROLLED!"



  1. Well I think Joe Pesky hit the nail on the head there Glen.

    Now get that silly idea out of your head that people get tired of reading about your "limited" life. I love coming over to GlenView and reading whatever you have to say. I wouldn't be here every day looking to see what you have posted if I was tired of it. I look EVERY DAY mind you. Unless I am gone somewhere where I have no computer and that is a rare occasion because you see, I too have a limited life, a boring life, a non-life. The only fun thing in my life is my grandbaby !

    Enjoy your sleep my friend. Hugs

  2. PS: You are my FAVORITE blogger, so there!