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Saturday, September 8, 2012

I can't hear, but can still see, for a little longer!

Here I sit waiting for something to gush out of the old pump of my mind. Prime, prime, prime, come on words let the sunshine. I read all bad, I want something more! Give me my own spade of words, not recycled manure spread oh, so deep! Something original to take me to dream land. To snore away the pains of life and misery. To rejoice at the giving of one more day. Then another, another, till. I'll see... some good, some bad, a laugh, a heart filled tear. I must have emotions, so I can say "I... alive... today!"

I cannot survive this here world, without emotions. I cannot close myself off... at 'anything,' I feel, hear, read or see! (I'm sorry!) I'm almost deaf, still... I hear more, than I see! I read the the words of robot writers, day after day, type, type, type, without a heart, a brain! Cowardly lying, to all, especially thee! Paid for words, only filling space, headlines, deadlines, uwe, wee! Majoring in words, words without laughter, heart, love are not emotions to me!

The best speech writers, probably make a bundle! Write words meant to draw attention to whatever they wish us, to see! Political speech writers, writing powerfully, beautiful words! Prettier, fancier words I've never heard! Detroit today, talking automobiles. Iowa tomorrow, talking farming. New Orleans, talking hurricanes, promises promises, promises!

Ah! The beautiful words must have the best orators, a well trained speaker to deliver them, well chosen,
meticulously chosen words! All believe in... not me! A Shakespearean play, written ol' Shakes way, by actors so well rehearsed, it's the Political way. Actors come and go, seems Politicians never go... away! How be it the goofiest looking, dumber than dirt, continue a growing? Ah! The American Way!


I had a terrible thought this week. With all the Political Conventions and all the hot air. What if a hurricane would form, and take all that hot air somewhere's, where it might do some good. Say a galaxy far, far, away! Also, take them money hungry worshiping, whom ever they be... and them war monopolizing, conglomerate death devils....

You can visualize my thoughts, please!

WELL! MAYBE! AT LEAST FOR A SPELL!  WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD, LET'S IMAGINE... IT COULD BE... IF ONLY IN OUR DREAMS!!!!!     ((((goodnight my friends from ol' glen))))   I'm too tired to continue! If I don't hit post, I may not tomorrow!!!

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  1. I like your idea of a hurricane blowing all that hot air somewhere far away, far far away. I hate all this political crap in an election year and I hate it all the other years!