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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blowin Smoke ...

Time to play "Let's Make Some Words!" With me ... Glen. How be it in your neighborhood, or as they  said when I was a young lad, (looong ago before men went into orbit.) "In your neck of the woods."

I just ate me some fresh green beans and sweet corn. Whow-wee, yummy, yummy, yummy, so good in me tummy! Well it was!!! I come in from working a hard days night, as soon as I opened the door, I says to myself  "momma done went and fixed me some green beans with corn in them and some smoke sausage!"

I know you're asking yourself "SO?"

I'll tell ya why! Don't get yer panties in a pinch! "Becausun ... I's absolutely love ... green beans with corn and smoke sausage!" Does that not TELL you somethun? AND it wasn't my birthday or nothin!!! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na!  Sorry! I can be a smart ass sometimes and I love too! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah oh! I be priming the pump to get me old brain started and viola them words are shooting out every where! Hold yer vowels there, little wordies!

I just glanced at the local newspaper here in Corn Country, la, la, la, la! Damn ... I had to check the date! Yep ... it be TODAY'S, same O, same O! WHY DO WE EVEN BOTHER TO READ THE NEWS, IT'S ALWAYS THE NEWS!!!! ALWAYS ... BAD...

Front Page News 'SMOKING' To do or not to do? That is the question? Whether it is nobler to light up in an alley or smoke in front!

Ol' Glen has news for you! "I don't give a rats ass! I think there are MORE IMPORTANT problems even here in Daisyville! Sheesh! Lame headed nincompoop's! It be A LOT more than second hand smoke why Johnny and Mary can't read and write, and Johnny wants to be called Mary Anne, and Mary wants to be called Carlos!"

Just a couple weeks ago another article about not allowing people to smoke in a public park! Is there anything about the word public and park, as in outdoors people don't understand!

Them young children's brains are already doomed from all the gunk in the foods and all the junk little Susie and Jeraldo consume. What kind of stuff ya think be in that whole milk any way? Them milk cows are shot full of the latest genetically altered drugs and feed the finest genetically whipped up by Madd Cow Crazy Scientists! Them Scientist be puffing on the best genetically altered marijuana they can grow! They try out all this manufactured for our own good foods and drugs on themselves first ... DON'T THEY? So they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all the Madd Scientist Stuff they be cooking up in the darkened basements of huge manufacturing facilities are completely safe for consumption/injection for the mass media right? So what, that they haven't seen the light of day for 20 years! They have all the really cool stuff they cook up!
They may glow in the dark, with their new green technology skin, saves electricity! So what that they truly have four eyes! Their lizard like scaly skin makes them look like they have on a alligator smock! Their head has become twice the size, their peenies don't work anymore, they enjoying the most up to date virtual sex! They never got any anyway when they were in the outside world "so there" they say!

IF I HAD A POINT, I THINK I LOST IT!!! WE'RE BEING ALTERED BY SO MUCH EVERYDAY FOODS, DRUGS THAT WE WILLINGLY CONSUME, AND A FEW ARE WORRIED ABOUT CIGARETTE SMOKE!!! The last few generations are being genetically altered all around us, can't you see it? Let alone the brainwashing into submission with mindless, useless, gizmo's of destruction and they're completely oblivious to what is transpiring by their own parents! Millions of years of natural evolution has being created in the blinking of an eye, in these futuristic times! Sad part is, no one will allow themselves to see it or is it admit it! They willing lie down and go to sleep to be replaced the next day by the "cool replacement cocoon under their bed!!!"  I'M TOO TIRED TO CARRY ON, AND IF I DON'T POST THIS, I MAY NOT WAKE UP BEING ME IN THE MORNING!!!  (ahhahahahaha) Glen

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  1. Tell me Glen,is all the corn up there in my home state now that GMO stuff? Everything I read about genetically modified food makes me want to stop eating all together.

    And as usual, I got my morning laugh here in GlenView. That description of the Mad Scientists and their broken peenies caused me to spit my coffee out ! You always have something funny to say. I like that !!