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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm trying something new this evening. I have a headache that hit from out of no where. Don't you just hate that! WELL YEAH! "Damn old fool who likes headaches!" (Don't be frightened that's just me talking to me! Ah come on now! We all do it! We most likely are not even aware we do it! Hey, I admit it!) I wish to see if having a headache inflames my creativity, hah, ha, ha! That be funny OR frightening! Instead of creativity, my style of writing is ignorance, which I plead guilty, OR insanity, which I also plead guilty!

Well I don't believe I have a style of writing, and I ainna gonna try to label it, causin, I don't want no label on me! I 'm not a name brand bag of potato chips! I'm not a fine wine, (although I have been aging for a long time!) Ha, ha!

More than anything in this ol' world we must be ourselves. If nothing else, we must be true to what we believe! You see, I just want to enjoy myself for a little while and am trying to write something every day. I find it an escape from the everyday, rut, boredom whatever... I find I can truly be me after typing for a spell I find myself in a completely different place. One might call it the twilight zone, the land of the lost, insanity zone, Glen's challenged neighborhood, Glen's !@#$ing-nuts! It's my escape from the Perils of Pauline, you see that... don't you? I'm sending my virus, ME in hopes of giving you a smile, a frown, emotions of some kind to break up the monotony. If nothing else, just saying to yourself, "I ain't never read anything like Glen View before!" Yep, that's what I'm  hoping for!!!

I make a heap O fun of where I live and work. That's all I know! One can only write about what he experiences! I'm MOST CERTAINLY not going to climb Mount Everest, nor sail the high seas, be a Wall Street Banker and make a gazillion dollars, nor many, many, other things. I would rather shoot myself than to be a politician!!! I'm purely a good ol' boy from the Midwest, who still resides in the same small town where I was born!

I have this gut feeling, that it's pretty much the same challenged types I come into contact with, work with everywhere! Why do I have that feeling? Oh my God! That is the scariest thing I've ever written! Sadly, funny, because I'm at the last hurrah of my life and as much as I like to poke fun at what I see around me everyday, it actually breaks my heart!

There is this term that gets thrown around and most assuredly used my yours truly "THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA." What the hell are they talking about? The brains of our young-ins ain't getting smarter. (Them damn cell phones are causin their brains to become larger, but from micro wave emissions causing brain tumors.) Sad isn't it! Man I hate talking like this, I call it as I see it, I'm not yet blind. Hey, I'm not just talking about our young ones! In my neck of the woods the word challenged can be equally applied. I used to have a boss who said "we have to have bodies." That's about all there hiring! You can go to a mortuary and get bodies!

The most important aspect in the old days of when I was a supervisor back in the prehistoric days a couple generations ago was hiring ones that could chew gum and walk at the same time. (Sorry, I had to put a wee funny in there!) Good work ethics, common sense ones are apparently hard to come by. I judge that solely on the bodies that come through where I'm employed and they have been hiring for the last couple years. IS THAT ALL THERE IS?

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  1. First of all, you always give me a smile and on the days when you don't give me a smile, you give me something to think about.

    I think there are some bright people out there, people with some common sense and a bit of intelligence, but sometimes you have to wonder when you look around where those people are !