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Monday, September 10, 2012

Automatic Writing, Free Writing, Freeblogging, My Thoughts!

I may have stepped up to my waist in manure with this one! I wish to make "a go of it and play my hand!" (((CAUTION!!!))) Reading any farther may, confuse, destroy, shut down your brain OR reboot it! Risk of shutdown is entirely on you! Not the fault of 'The Midnight Writer.'


I'm about as relaxed ol' Glen can get and still walk. I think! No drugs, no alcohol, just relaxed. Me mind is at peace, rarely is that possible. Approaching the "not thinking about nothing, "like my Ma! I like it! No! I really like it!!!

For about an hour or so I've been looking up many somewhat confusing terms, to me anyway, that I wish to better UNDERSTAND! First off, the first and quite possibly the most complicated part of this endeavor might be that I'm over 60! I know!   (((Not a chance in hell!)))   Been out of school forever and haven't needed to use but an itty-bitty part my noodle,  (Brain) not in MY daily world!

AUTOMATIC WRITING is the process, of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writers hand forms the message and the person is unaware of what will be written.   ((( Question? Do we have a brain in our hand that ol' Glen does not know anything about?)))   It is sometimes done in a trance state.   (((What? I most certainly am not going into no trance! I'll just write about the ones I work with everyday, who are always in a trance!)))   Other times the writer is aware (not in a trance) of their surroundings, but the actions of their writing hand. (((HUH!!! What it be doing sign language?)))

Automatic writing is used as a therapy tool in Freudian psychology and in related "self knowledge" studies, where it is seen as a means of gaining insight into the mind of automatic writers through their subconscious word choices. (((OKAY! That makes more sense than watching your writing hand in action! )))

Automatic writing is used in Spiritualism and the New Age movement  (((That let's ol' Glen out, I'm old age and my movements are slow!)))  as a form of channeling.(((Channeling is out big time for me. I don't want NOTHING else messing with my mind! It be screwed up enough!)))

One of the best-known automatic writers was Helen Smith an early 20th century psychic who felt that her automatic writing was the attempts of Martians   (((MARTIANS!!!)))  to communicate with Earth. She claimed she could translate their Martian language into French. (((UH-HUH! SURE!!! )))

There is what's called the 'ideomotor effect'   (I like that word!)   that states "there is no solid evidence that any messages are coming from anywhere other than the mind of the person holding the pencil."   (((A mite contradictory ain't it??? Also I like the start of that word ideo, reminds me of idiot!)))


FREE WRITING is not the same as automatic writing. It's based on a 'ass'-umption that, while everybody has something to say, the mental wellspring may be blocked by apathy, self-criticism, resentment, anxiety about deadlines, fear of failure or censure or other forms of resistance.


Freeblogging (I know-sa a mite about that!) see Free writing (we already did!) Now it tells me about "stream of consciousness" style of writing.


1. The continuous flow of thoughts, that make up an individuals conscious experience.
2. A literary device that seeks to describe this process by means of a long soliloquy.
Also train of thought. (Choo-choo-choo-choooo-woo-wooo!!! Sorry flashback to childhood, helps occasionally!)
A term used in literary criticism, for a literary technique that reports thought process of a person.

Okay! okay! okay! This word SOLILOQUY be too much for ol' Glen to pass up and not give my two cents worth on! First off I see, 'silly o guy,' that be right down my alley! Y'all know-sa what I'm talkin about, DON'T YA?

SOLILOQUY so lil o quy (-kwe) GLENSTER'S old dick head dictionary says the answer IS! [ drum roll pleaseee! ] An act or instance of talking to oneself,   (((Ah oh! You reckon they be talking about me?))) Lines in a drama in which a character reveals his or her thoughts to the audience, but not to the other characters, by speaking as if to himself or herself.

So lil o (-kwe)  Let's see if I can recall some of my school in! I reckon so and lil and o is ev i dent to all! This quy thing pronounced (-kwe) is a mite dis com bob u lating to ol' Glen! A (-k) = just we, oh I get it now, we. So lil o we. Apparently some of the texting abbreviated words and ol' Glen don't do no texting on no cell phone! DID I TYPE THIS? I THOUGHT I WAS JUST TALKING INSIDE MY HEAD!!!!!


SO i give a LIL-tel O me to WE. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, SCARY AIN'T I?


  1. You always make me smile !

    I'm still around, my brain has shut down once again and nothing is coming out of it to write. Guess I better get my camera out once again. At least I can post pictures :-)

  2. "To be, or not to be. That is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing...end them."

    The mother of all soliloquies.

  3. Looking forward to them pictures C.

  4. Them are some mighty pretty words! From one Silly O Guy to Another!