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Monday, September 24, 2012

Living in Fear!

I might offend some with this post. It's not my intention, please remember this is one man's opinion, just thinking.

Seems that there is an overload of fear going on in this world! I'm not going to list the fears because I fear there are so many that I would be afraid to write this post. One cannot read, forbid watching the evening news, fears every where. Fears from childhood remain then we add new fears with age. Fear seems...  a useless emotion that shortens life's quality. 

I remember there was what some referred to as the bogeyman as a child. If I wasn't good, the bogeyman will come for me! What? A child cannot understand such adult stupidity, shouldn't have to. Did their parents say the same to them? I'm sure in cultures around the globe there are such imaginary entities that adults borrowed from their parents. What's my point here? DUH! Placing fear as a child rearing tool!!!

Ghost, goblins, werewolves, banshees, etc. Is frightening children necessary! I don't think so. Do children know the difference, does their tiny imagination get overloaded not being able to separate truths. I vote for not being able to distinguish fact from fiction.

I would like to believe as we become an adult we lose our fears replacing them with wisdom! But do we? I think some, do. Imagination of childhood never leave us. We're declared a legal adult at the age of 18. Does our brain capacity, reasoning, intelligence leap light years ahead? I don't think so!

What about adults giving children their own fears. Children pick up their personalitiy good, bad and extremes of parents don't they? Of course they do, can't be helped. The formative years are used to mimicing their environment.

On the opposite side is it healthy believing someone somewhere is looking out for their well being. No I'm certainly not talking government here! One that takes care of all, serving the good of all. To totally believe would be to have no fear, all is for the good, who have faith. The one and only, whomever you call your God.

I try to stay away from politics and religion. That's easier said than done. NOTHING is more discussed passionately by more people of the world than these two topics. Who is right who is wrong? That answer has been BATTLED, and will be BATTLED forever!

I wonder where most people fit into this equation. Seems labels are placed on people like name tags. Certainly to live life in fear is a hellish way to live life. If we allow ourselves to get caught up in the world of our evening news, watching, reading the latest news we're bombarded with, today! We cannot help but to live life in fear of fear itself! What a sad state of mind that is!

I'm not truly sure why I wish to write this post! It seems necessary for some reason! I'm sure I'll not change any thing, as all hell breaks out everywhere, every day! Every day innocent men women and children die needlessly, and so sad, always will, in the name of ?????

Behind the shadowy curtain lies others, we cannot and never will understand, they think themselves the Wizards of Earth. We cannot put words to ones we cannot see, but their there, undeniably! Always have been, they've been called many names by all cultures, since the beginning of time! That will never change! We sense an evil entity dwelling all among US! EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD KNOWS, THEY LURK IN THE DARKNESS, BEHIND THE SEEMINGLY GOOD PEOPLE, 'THEIR' THERE! MAYBE 'THESE' ARE THE 'BOGEYMEN' PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, FOREFATHERS SPEAK OF!

I know I ramble, for that I know and am truly sorry! I ask the unanswerable! Family members practically come to blows in discussions during family gatherings. If families have such differences discussing politics, religion, there's absolutely no way to bring this world together, therefore casting out the evil behind the curtain of our ever day life's!  


  1. There is a lot here so I will probably read this a couple of times and answer in bits.

    First of all. I HATE when people scare kids with the whole bogeyman thing. I remember as a little child hearing about the bogeyman and I was scared to death at night that he was going to get me when I went to sleep. I spent a LOT of time under the covers ! Not sure why kids think being under the covers will stop anything from getting them, but I guess it was the only place to hide once you were in the bed.

    I never used that with my kids. I didn't want them being afraid to go to sleep at night, or even to believe that the bogeyman existed. But the strange thing is, they seemed to come up with that word all on their own......or possibly through other kids in the neighborhood.

  2. I keep reading this post Glen. You asked a question after you mentioned politics and religion. You asked "who is right and who is wrong?".

    I don't discuss politics or religion often. I hate both. I believe in GOD and I am not ashamed to admit that. I have FAITH. But I don't have Religion. Religion is man-made. It has nothing to do with God or faith or anything spiritual.

    Who is right and who is wrong? Well I don't think that question will go on forever as you say. But I do know that not everyone can be right and not everyone can be wrong. It's black or it is white and there are no shades of gray. And if that seems intolerant or harsh, well so be it.

    This is a very interesting and thought provoking post my friend. You have not offended me in the least, rather you have made me think. I like that.

  3. Glen, I wanted to say something else here about the whole right/wrong thing. What I was trying to say is that we as humans sometimes make something that is simple into something that is complicated and that is why everything becomes a big argument and a huge mess of emotions when it comes to discussing both politics and religion.

    When we muddy the waters with our various thoughts and opinions, no one can see things clearly anymore and that is where the arguments set in.

    As for fear being a part of government, or religion, well that is a control thing. That is why MAN created both of these institutions, to control people. Religion teaches FEAR and that is why so many people turn away from God, but remember it is not GOD who instills fear or control, it is MAN