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Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have been reading voraciously recently, real books the kind you hold. Nothing spectacular but seems my long lost love has been rekindled. It relaxes me in an old fashion forgotten way. I vividly remember how I read every book in my grade school library by the time I left for middle school. No TV in our house so my mind needed to be occupied. I question the occupying of young minds today!

I think the appetite for learning starts off fine. The basics are always needed but somewhere along the lines
the imagination is taking huge hits into uncharted territories. Imagination is getting high jacked by the bombardment of technology. Technology is introduced as a replacement, an occupation of growing minds that need seeding of the more basic human touch, plus the skills of learning by listening and watching. Ah! The two parent family is going obsolete. Part-time fathers every other weekend and two weeks in the summer. How sad!

Somewhere along the line it became the 'all about me' world. In addition to that the techno-gizmo electronic phenomenon has created a make believe world on a screen and communication swamp of breaking the family mold. No, I don't think it was intended, but certainly seems to a simple old codger like me, technology has gone light years ahead, on the flip side morality basic human family fundamental needs has gone backwards, big time!

I shudder at the headlines of the everyday news. Brainwashing I'd reckon! The average person is whalloped every fucking day by the overloading of the mass medias. Owned lot, stock and barrel by a hand full of moguls pushing their King and Queen idealism OR complete brainwashing.

Seems a mite funny to an old fart like me, we common people are treated the same as always. Those still sit on their thrones of gold just as they always have. We think we're getting ahead but we're still paying the tax collector just like they did 1,000 years ago! We're not being heard, we're being taxed and brainwashed with the newest generation of electronic brainwashing gizmo's. What's so !@#$ing funny is we buy them and must have the newest latest most powerful to further rot the intelligence level!

I can be dismissed just like every other old blow hard before me as out of touch and out of sync with the modern world. I whole heartedly agree!

Can the future survive with the imagination of the ones being 'manufactured' today. How can the modern world survive from the manufacturing of soon to be Zombie like people roaming the earth. DAMN THAT BE THE PLAN FROM ALL THEM ELITE KINGS AND QUEENS THEY'LL BE IN THEIR CASTLES SURROUNDED BY THEIR MOATS AND PROTECTED BY THEIR PRIVATE SECURITY FORCES WHILST WE THE AVERAGE DIE OUT. WHAT A PLAN, I RECKON THERE IS SOME IMAGINATION LEFT BUT WHAT MORBID WHACKED OUT PEOPLE COULD LEAD US TO SUCH A PLACE????

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