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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Left Over Meatloaf!

I am trying something, a mite different this morn! Usually... I come home from work, eat a bite (I have had the hankering for green beans and fresh sweet corn, cooked together with absolutely no salt, um! um! GOOD!

Already... losing my train of thought, (Choo-choo!) I come home from work, eat, and go to me computer! A nightly ritual acquired, only... in the last couple years. This is how I relax, but coming straight home from work at Insanity R.Us... with all them working, s-i-u-a-t-i-o-n-s, you know, problems, like WORKING and People! People! People!

WELL...  much... left over gas, like left over meatloaf, is still inside ME! I may think it's funny but I tire of the same O, same O!

So this morning, I try something different. Being's it's FRIDAY. I wish to unwind and get my meatloaf out of me belly/mind! You know! Well... I don't do the wee tv thing NO MORE! Except an occasional movie. I recently, maybe a couple weeks ago, maybe a month ago, you know how time flies when you're having soo much fun! I enjoyed the The Tourist and Sherlock Holmes a couple weeks ago. ESPECIALLY.... since they were free! Yeah! Yeah! ALSO, I thought the picture was very good on my 20 year old, or older 25 inch tube TV and DVD player. (I hear y'all saying, "no 60 inch flat screen?" My answer ""NOPE!!""

Anyway... before I interrupted myself! I ate me beans and corn with a wee bit of smoked sausage for flavoring, checked a few blogs I follow, read each one twice. I thoroughly enjoyed the message of both. They touched me! I was about to read the local newspaper, a habit I can-not seem to break, or should it be brake, since I'm trying to STOP!

(((Alert Momento! Since I'm trying to STOP... brake, to a uneducated country hick, oops don't want to do no ranting tonight! SORRY please excuse me!)))

As... I started to say... before the 'brain farts' began. I laid down to relax a spell, before coming back to Picardo (That's my nickname for my computer, sometimes I call it!@#$%^&*()*&^%$#@!!!!) Yes I do! I relaxed with my doggie for a little while.

Then I come back to Picardo. Now here I is. Ah oh! If I'm peaceful, I reckon I have nothing to write about! So goodnight!!! NO! NO! Just messing with ya, a little bit! I sometimes wish to be more serious, I find it rather hard coming straight home from work to write serious! SERIOUSLY folks! My brain be driving the Indianapolis 500 or the Daytona 500! I can't instantly apply the brakes and change my personality.    I ain't no life long Polished Professional Politician, you know!    I be a Real Person Like You!

Oh My God! That be plum SCARY! Thinking you out there are like ME! I done raised my blood pressure after all that relaxing! Excuse.. me as I meditate and medicate to relax this tired body and !@#$ED- UP-MIND!!!    ***Mighty close to ranting,  ***WARNING!!!***

PLEASE EXCUSE AS I TAKE SOME DEEP BREATHS.....................................................

It be hard to write the stories in my head (((((((BELIEVE ME THERE IS A HEAP OF THEM)))))) after work. I be on another plane! Plane my ass! Another PLANET!

What makes you the expert on judging the mentally challenged? Asks Joe Pesky.

My answer to Joe "you're living inside my head!!!"

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