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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hello! You know what the fav-O-right-ist part of my week is? Aww, come on--think a mite---yep-- getting off work time, on Friday, yep, yep, yep, yippee yi-aaaa! I seem to be a man of extremes! I suppose y'all have kind of figured that out by now though! What would be the opposite of extremes moods, personality, however you choose to label it? Maybe this_________________ nah, boring! Or dead, nope not for me! Seems I'm either high or low. That's without taking any kind of drugs, legal or illegal.

I ask my dear mother last summer as we're sitting out side on a beautiful day, "what are you thinking about, please tell me whatever is on your mind?"

Her response "nothing."

I said "come on now, you have to be thinking about, something!"

Once again she responded with a tad of don't ask me that again, "nothing, I'm not thinking about nothing!!!"

Now, if any one, other than my dear mother would of told me that, I would not of believed them. My mother don't lie! I laughed and any time I call up that moment, I have the same chuckle.

My question to those of you out there, is it possible to think about nothing?

There is times I wish for that. Is that what is achieved through meditation? I don't think so... but if I cannot achieve that meditation state of being, I'll settle for the "nothing" state.

I have never been  able to control my roller coaster of emotions. 

(((I'm not sure where I'm going with this post. Please ride the wild wave with me!)))

I cannot think about "nothing" so please bear with me. To think about nothing when my mind is going a mile a minute and my heart rate is going up from, anger, disgust, fear, etc. seems a welcome and most wise un-emotion. I have taken years off my life, that I cannot reclaim from being who I am! I'm one of those who "wears his heart on his sleeve," as that old saying goes. Most of the time I wish that to not be so! I wish to be like the captian on the Enterprise when he says "make it so." To only make it so, when I want to, but that's not possible!

My dear mother whom I love more than any one in my life, is in her eighties. Apparently I never learned the secret from her, to think "nothing." The next time we're alone I'm going to ask her "mother please tell me how you're able to think "nothing! I truly need to know to keep my heart from exploding some day." Words of wisdom passed down that I must know!

I fear her words will be, with that exact tad of don't ask me that again "I DON'T KNOW!"


That be it for tonight, I cannot think of "nothing" else to say! Damn! I did it and don't know how I did it!


  1. I'm kind of like you, or maybe a lot like you G. My mind is always going, even when I am asleep it is going. How do you think I came up with my name here? Because all those thoughts are constantly swirling around inside my head, like a darned tornado or something. I have tried to clear my mind, stop thinking, or slow it down and I find that very difficult. You've seen me say I can't think of anything to write about.......well that is not exactly true. My problem is I can't find the door to allow some of the myriad thoughts to escape sometimes. I think perhaps when your Mom says she is thinking about nothing, she might mean what she is thinking about is not something she wants to put into words. Maybe she has her own private thoughts that are just for her. But if not, then try to find her secret, because it would be nice to think about NOTHING every now and then.

    Have a great weekend, enjoy your time before work begins again.


  2. Hey, I looked at those ball point drawings like you suggested. WOW!! They are incredible. I would never have taken them to be drawings, most of them look like photographs. Thanks for telling me about those. I wish I could do something like that, but I can't even draw a decent stick man !! haha