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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Have You Ever?

Have you ever... watched a single, solitary, raindrop, land upon your windshield, against the blackness of the night, seen through a golden light?

Monday evening this week Grumpy Grandpa, forever to be known as 'The Walrus' that be ME, as I create new charcters for stories I wish to write. My goal is to create a picture of my charcters, stamped into your mind. I have been searching for some time, a way to bring my charcters to life. It dawned upon me only recently, use animals. I love animals and will bring to life my imaginary characters through them. I've just come up with this idea and may enlist the help of a few friends at work.

One just careened off the side of me head. Sloth would fit someone I know. Example, slow as in doing no work! This is something I will be working on, remember, I be GRUMPY GRANDPA 'THE WALRUS.'

Another thing I've been dwelling on, causing me some concern! How I write, my almost nightly whatch-a-ma-call-it, post, writings, before I go to bed, insanity whatever!!!

I gotta be me, you see! I'm not attempting to be some one I'm not! I be a good old boy/old man, from the Midwest. Who has come across an unlikely, yet exciting hobby, at a stage, late in life. I am, what I write of, meaning, I truly am learning about the forming of words, sentences, paragraphs, so on, and so forth, and really, really, have just taught myself to type, and am learning the computer. I don't know diddly-squat about properness, don't intent on learning but only enough to convey to you, 'myself,' the way, I truly am. I am all over the board so to speak. Just like I began this post with one thing in mind, then something pushed its way to the forefront. That's me! I'll be all over! I hope you enjoy seeing one, unpolished, real....

I'll try once again, where I started earlier!!!

Have you ever...watched a single, solitary, raindrop land on your windshield, against the blackness of the night, seen through a golden light???       

To place this, into perspective. I HATE MONDAYS! I'm never in a good mood on Mondays! I go from relaxation, peace of mind, TO 'work,' giving others a piece of my mind! So I be in my normal frumpy Grandpa Grumpy mentality, body rebelling from too many causes!

It's now lunchtime. A gentle rain is falling as I go to my van. There is no wind, the drip, drip on my head, feel's good, refreashing! The tempo of life is a changing with the beat of every drop. I slowly, walk the 60 feet to my car, already magic has begun! The smell soap from a factory down the road, adds to the choir I'm now hearing in my changing state of mind. I sit finding myself in the first stage of the most wonderful meditaive state yet to come. I stare at the top of my windshield zeroing in on, every  raindrop. I'm mesmerized at the individual drops of gold! A spotlight in reverse it seems! My eyes gaze upon the diamond spectrums, one at a time. I follow one drop as it descends, bouncing off others, changing routes with every bounce, flowing effortlesly out of the golden zone of light, into the oblivion. I watch others, how many I cannot tell, nor care, making their own unique journey through my eyes. I find myself fixated to a windhield, watching the most amazingly beautiful pleasure a simple over looked miracle of nature! I allow a thought to flow within the gentle confines of the moment. Would I not be meditating the wonders of a single raindrop, if  not for drought this summer? I have encountered other special moments of obsevation and serenity, but NEVER of this magnitude!    HAVE YOU EVER?   GLEN....


  1. No no no no no no...."I" am the walrus!

  2. I like that idea of putting animal names to the characters on your stories about real life. Hmmm you might inspire me to post more of the animal photos I have taken.

    Rain..........I love the rain and never grow tired of it. I love to listen to it and watch it as it falls. I love storms too. I haven't always liked rain. But 27 years ago we had a drought where I was living at the time, which was South Carolina. It did not rain, not one drop for a solid year. The grass was completely gone and I watched trees actually dry up as if they had been burned in a fire. It was awful. One of my children was born at the beginning of that drought. She never saw rain till she turned a year old and the day it started raining I took her out of my front porch to see it and she got scared ! Since that year I have never complained about the rain. I just love it!

  3. Now I am going to sit back and watch you and Timster argue about who is actually the walrus :-)