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Monday, August 20, 2012

The News!

Oh my! I haven't read the paper for three days. I'm probably out of touch with the world. Why is it that I don't feel I've missed a thing? Let me see Sunday was N.F.L. so I assume games were played, some won some lost. Nascar was ran and somebody won and 42 lost. Politicians were opening their mouths spewing solutions to "everythang!" Wars, them pirates off the African Coast still pirating. Natural and man made disasters still happening.

Was there any good news? You know like cures for cancer! Has the eminent collapse of countries been fixed by the system that is destroying them? I doubt it! Are they even trying I doubt it. Wow! Have I missed anything news worthy?

My mind needs down time! I'll worry about the unfix able problems of the world that have been written by the Mozart's Extraordinaire, the days I work!

I think I'll take a sneak at 'The Front Page' of the newspaper, just to see what I can see in the wonderful world of News, at the local, state, national, world. The 'Curiosity' expedition to Mars, is so, so, so, out of this world baby!

By the way, what ever happened to that deep space probe, you know the one that is leaving this galaxy that keeps going and going like the energizer bunny, damn that thing has been moving away from planet earth for so long I have forgotten its name. That's one fine piece of spacecraft! We don't build them like that anymore!

Local Headlines, "Bus Riders Increasing." DUH! Yeah! Can't afford to buy a car and gas if you're not working! Sheesh! doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! Students and workers top the list of riders. Workers goes along with my previous sentence.

I have a thought about the students that goes along with another article I read once, about local colleges having greater student enrollment. Okay! There ain't no jobs out there, even the ones graduating with degrees can't find work, so more and more students go to college, hoping to a better higher paying job. They cannot find work in the field they have the degree in. They have spent all this time in college and all this money! Oh that's okay, they borrowed it from the government... NEVER MIND!!!  Where are they gonna put that advanced knowledge to work at? Their in a major hole, a huge deficit like the government! OH! That's okay then! They must continue working at the same part-time job they have had for years and still live at home after they finish college????  Please explain, so an old man who suffers from brain farts, can understand! Oh! Oh! Oh! Our local what used to be called trade schools, is bursting at the seams, new building and everything!!! Yet! All the trade jobs baby, have gone over seas many years ago! I see government intervention at local, state, government level here!

HEY THIS IS FUN! Another one locally. A headlining rock band from the seventies plays here. Yep! rockers my age, way past their prime!  For those of you that don't understand politics, this is called "trickle down politics!" WE the average citizen get what's left!

Damn this is FUN! I'm still at the local level!

State level, drought means higher prices. Once again DUH! we as in the little guy ALWAYS get "THE SHAFT!"

Let's look at sports. DAMN, there sure is a lot O sports going on! Local, state, national, world. Is this a repeat, seems like the same news as a week ago and a month ago. Who cares! Big bunch of whiny cry babies, playing games, getting rich off of us suckers! I remember a quote from some where, "there's a sucker born every minute!" One word baby! COMMERCIALISM.

Let's move quicky to ENTERTAINMENT. Is that quick enough? Was for me!

BUSINESS, didn't understand a word! All about money, banking political mumbo jumbo! Although I loved the editorial cartoon about the United States Postal Service and red ink. I wonder what that's all about?

OH! OH! OH! This should be headline news!!! Breaking up the banks. All I can say about that! "When hell freezes over!!!!"

Let's try world news. Deaths, tragedies, destructions, protests, oil spill, lynchings, honeymoon slaying, airplane bomb threat. I can rest easier now, knowing the world is as I last left it!

WOW! I found that rather fun! Except for the death, destruction, tragedy thing!

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  1. Your paper sounds exactly like my paper G. I don't read the paper much anymore. Sometimes I buy a Sunday paper, but that is to get the coupons so I can save money when they have some for things I actually buy. Usually I can get about $10 worth of good coupons which after the cost of the newspaper amounts to $8 . I remember when the paper was a quarter.......

    You have been writing some really good posts lately.