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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ah and Uns

I'm really tired and me old back is giving me problems, but I love to do some pecking on the keyboard before I go to bed. There be so much silliness and strangeness in this here old world and that be just here in Daisy Doodle Toon!

I tell Ah Clem (That's a pretty cool first name ain't it? I don't know about the last name!) (Another inner thought hit me up side my head or was that a bee sting! Maybe as a young in, he got stuck on words and went, ah-ah-ah-ah- you know. That be more intelligent than most things I hear all day!)

I'll try again! I tell Ah Clem "I would like to write stories about what actually, truly, really goes on at where I work, but nobody would believe me!!!"

Ah Clem said "you ought to write a book about it." Now get this Ah Clem says "I'll publish it."

Now I know Ah Clem be off plum, a mite, or so, but I come up with a working title 'Idiots Among Us'  or 'The Idiot Invasion'! Any way I must have the word 'IDIOT' in the title!  You know what the funniest part is???      You really want to know?       I MEAN DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?????

Wouldn't need very much writing, just use already existing characters and make up aliases fer them. Add a dash a sprinkle of my sense o humor to it and wow-za! Write the daily goings on of what actually takes place in la-la land. It would be so silly like maybe silliness squared mucho times. I kid you not! I come home every day talkin to myself "I can't believe that happened!" Ferget all them reality shows. I'm here to tell ya! THERE ain't one reality show, that could hold a candle to... hell you could combine all them reality shows that's ever been or ever will be, and truth is, is, is, is way better!

"What makes where I work different?" I here y'all asking out there!!!

I have worked in factories all my life, with real honest, know what in the hell their doing Leaders, yep I also have been there, done that for a lot o years! Known good uns, known bad uns and all in between uns. No namsy pamsies led long, huh uh! Real leaders = real honest to goodness hard working people. You got to have leaders, other wise un, the crazies are in charge of the rail road!!!

Possibly that's why I take it so hard and therefore find it funnier than the black and white silent film 'The Keystone Cops'. Hey if you haven't seen it, get a copy and turn off the sound. (Little funny there, 'silent film' oh my God I've completely lost it!!! Nah plenty more where that come from!) I have seen it many times through the years and I always laugh.

The point being, that was a made up film, intended, created to be funny! I on the other hand work around some that are loony toony big time 'Keystone workers!'

Oh goodness gracious have I gone too far and said too much??? Nah! I'll save it for the book, but I'll give you sneak peeks occasionally as I attempt to go where no man has dared go before! 'How Dare I' (That's for you Timster!) take a boat into the deepest, darkest recesses of the Idiotic mind! I'm about to go where no man has gone before!

1 comment:

  1. I say listen to your friend and write that book. I told you when I first started reading your blog that you should write a book.

    No more excuses big brother !! *smiles*

    And thank you for that second comment over on my page. I think that might be a good idea, at least till things calm down here because photography really is my passion.

    Take good care dear one and have a nice peaceful relaxing weekend.