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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You Make The Call!

Wooza! I'm about as relaxed as one can be and still standin'. Actualli I be a sitting down! Damn good thing, I feel good, without any meds or marijuana or anything elsa! What be my problem? Sheesh I wish I knowda, I'd dood it everyday!!!

I 'll retrace my steps and see what the hell maka me feea so goody. Pleease stay with me as I ride this momentarily high out, I love it! Yes I do anda I'mma gonna leave all me miss spellings in, I feel so good!

Got up a wee bit late for work. That kept me from fretting about work, causin', I wassa fretting 'bout gettin' to work on time. I did, I was in no hurry being as it was a Monday, anda you know how I hate Mondays! Well I do! Why? Because they come after Sunday and I resta on Sunday, Yep I doa nothin'! I do nothin' cause I can! Took me awhile to get a going. Yes It did! I took me some Advil for me arthritis and down a sodie pop I need the caffeine buzz, even though it's a mere fraction of what them youngins drink, a mere 35 mgs, but I doa need it! Yes I do! I pittled around for a couple hours doing various needed things that needed doing before we started production up. I took me a break and read the daily paper. Worked a couple hours running production. Took lunch. Drove the truck and made a delivery so far so good pretty normal. Oh! now I remember on the way back the work truck started acting up. I could not get it up to speed on the interstate and I smelled a strange odor. I think it was coming from the exhaust system and that's why it was running rough. I finally got the truck up to interstate sped and had the window down because of the strange smell. It was a hot like odor combined with I believe diesel fumes. I come to the realization later it was a major exhaust leak. I told my boss, "It give me a headache and I have a strange taste in my mouth."

My job be baad enough workin' with numskulls, now I hafta drive a sicko truck! No compassion for me I go back to work and finish my shift. I did feel better than usual gettin' off work. I go to Wally World, cause I needed a couple things. Normal shite going on there, seen a few aliens and they were a workin' there! I got some trail mix you know peanuts and chocolate, and a sodie pop. Ah, ha! I betcha them aliens put something in me trail mx, some out f this world, unknown to us earthlings special nuts! You know like cocie-colie did in the formative years to get us sodie junkies hooked on Coca-Cola. You not heard of that? Yep supposedly there was a teenie-weenie bit of cocaine, yep! Ya reckon that's why they calld it cocie-colie? Yep it sure was the real thing back them! The hell with marijaua in cupie cakies! I wanna me a some of that old time cocie-colie!!! You know I just thought of somethin'. How about a cupie cakie with marijuana and a cokie-colie with the real thing! Yippee-I a!..

Am I drunk, stoned or full of fumes from my truck, you make the call? Oh, oh, oh, I just membeed somethin'. I took my nightly meds about an hour ago anda they usually screw with my mind, ya know! So I have all thse things going on right now. I be full of fumes, full of meds, full of funny trail mix, caffeine and full of shite! Man oh man though, I sure enuff would lika to trya one of them old fashion cocaine-colas!     IS THIS ONE OF MY DREAMS OR IS THIS ME? YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   goodnight from Glen View   

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  1. Ha! I think it is you just being you and that is perfect !