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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Per usual I have nothing prepared to write about. This is Sunday and I should sermonize you with a little somethin' somethin'. I never know what path my mind will take, that my friends is the fun part! We have received so much rain this week, water is standing in my back yard. As I write it is 30 degrees, if it would hold that temperature I could go ice skating!

Me old back is bothering me quite a bit. Ya know, old age shite and hard work plus injuries, sometimes feels like gears are a grinding in my lower back. Lower discs are shot. Just cannot do that young man stuff like I use to! I'm not complaining, just trying to get my mind started. Usually when I write it's at the end of a long day. My sleeping patterns are unusual on the weekends. Right at this moment I just got up and am searching for balance of body, mind, and soul.

Balance is so very important. Why? Well for one thing you would be falling on your arse all the time! That's one of the many reasons I have a bad lower back from falling on my arse from ice storms we get every winter. I'm sure glad it's springtime although at 30 degrees and me sitting here with my favorite blanket over my body, sure don't seem so!

I'm trying to finish the story "Exorcism of Sister Sarah," I have the summary with my thoughts in detail. Damn! I just can't seem to do the justice required to get the story across properly through the eyes of a 12 year old boy. I will keep plodding along though.

I do think my typing is improving, a little at a time. My goal is to practice by writing something every day, it's hard to do! I get a high when I can come over to the computer and away I go! Spirits in me head say to me, "get the hell out of the way, we're taking over!" I'm so tired and mentally dazed from the daily trials and tribulation of just getting through another day, (((You know what I'm a saying don't you?)))

An idea just hit me as my dim witted, or lite, bulb turned on!


Spirit, what does that mean?

When I say The spirits have taken over my mind, that is jokingly meant! I take it as fun way to state that side of me. I prefer that side over the other sides of me. There is a good side of me, serious side, bad side dwelling inside. We are the compilation of all.

Everyday factors since childhood play their roles. But what if over a lifetime an individual gets stuck, in this case stuck in the, dark, bad, negative cavern, slipping deeper and deeper, they may obsess with it to the point that they believe it so much, it controls them!

So if you believe in God, then you believe in the Devil! Of course there can be no other way!!!

What if a child has been tormented verbally with Religious values to such extremes they get the idea in their head, way beyond normal, such as the movie  Carrie!

Ah you say, "But Carrie was only a movie!" Well yeah! However most people in your lifetime will run across so many varying degrees of people, different cultures. I ask you to view my story from a poor, married woman who had three children in a backward type of environment whose own children all show a certain degree of mental retardation. Not bad people but if their upbringing even slightly mirrors their mothers upbringing then we have a woman with a spirit, a dark spirit that needs releasing. Now one day she ask to be prayed for and the spirit inside of her is unleashed!!!!               .

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  1. FIrst of all............. NO ICE SKATING!!! :-)

    I did not read the story you are talking about. I remember seeing it in the notices and for some reason I did not get over to read that day and I must have forgotten about it. So I will read it this evening.

    I know exactly what you are talking about when you refer to the "spirits" inside your head. Me, I just call them the people inside my head haha. I'm a little crazy you know !

    I think you do a wonderful job with your typing and your writing and everyday you give me something to think about or smile about. I am glad you keep plugging along. I would sorely miss my time visiting GlenView if you were to ever stop.

    Take care of yourself my dear friend.